Don’t you just hate the word? Diet. It seems as everyone’s using it nowadays, but no one seems to be in the shape they want to be, even though they’re on a diet.

Everyone is on a diet, and yet no one has that cut-out look you see in the magazines. It is mostly the skinny fat people that are on a diet, or extremely obese ones, and in both cases their food in-take simply does not cut it.

So, what is the deal? The deal is – you are doing it wrong.

There are a couple of things people do wrong when dieting:

Being time-framed

Dieting is not something you do for a month, and then go back to your old ways. That is probably the number one reason why diets do not work and why you can’t get that shape you want. Dieting is a way of life, it means completely changing the way you perceive food and how you use it. Sure, going on a diet for a month will see you lose a couple of pounds, but the very moment you decide to “go back” – you will regain the fat. Not only that, but you will also gain additional fat.

Skipping certain foods completely

Here’s another brain tickler. Just because you have excess fat, that does not mean you should stop eating fat altogether. As a matter of fact, it’s not *fat* that’s making you fat, it’s carbs. As with every other food type, your body needs a certain amount of fat, and completely blocking fat can only cause trouble in the long run. You need to have proper balance in your diet in order to see the results.

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Ignoring water

Our body is mostly water, and for our body to work properly – we must drink plenty of it. Some people ignore water, or even go around drinking flavored juices and saying it’s the same thing. Flavored juices are nothing more than colored sugar, and drinking them only makes things worse. Either squeeze a fresh orange or stick to water.

Not getting enough rest

As a person who has been conscious about his body for more than a decade, I have seen ample examples of people completely destroying themselves in the gym, but never getting the results they needed. Their diets were perfect, but still – no results. The problem? Not getting enough rest. Changing your body for the better requires three things: a good diet, a good workout plan and plenty of rest. One does not work without the other, and you have to make sure not to skip any of it. Rest is equally important as dieting.

Seek professional help

If nothing helps – ask someone who knows. Go to a gym and ask a professional trainer or a nutrition expert. You can even consult with a doctor about Phentermine. There are even Phentermine forums where you can read other people’s experiences with losing weight that way. Either way, don’t be silly – changing your nutrition for a month won’t change much.

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