No one has to wait until they’ve finished college to start earning money. Indeed, some students don’t even have a choice. They have to earn money to support themselves throughout their studies. In addition to that, becoming a working person early on has the benefit of developing working habits everyone will need once they have finished college and entered the real world. Here are some examples of jobs students can work into their schedules in order to increase their income.

University Jobs

The first place to look is the university itself, as well as job boards for university students. Jobs are easier to find through the Student Employment Office, which every university should have. It’s advisable to get acquainted with the office staff, but a student can also browse the university’s Online Directory for the list of job vacancies. Since professors usually have lots of papers to grade at any given time and are often otherwise engaged, they will be looking for any help they can get. Students can apply for the position of grader, or even that of teaching assistant. The latter requires much more dedication and hard work, but also pays much better and allows students to get valuable teaching experience. Finally, students can also consider getting desk-jobs, which are always available in any campus, and can usually have flexible hours, ensuring you don’t fall behind on your studies.

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Babysitting and Dog Walking

For students who want to find a job outside their universities, babysitting is an excellent option. There are always parents with lots of obligations who need someone trustworthy to take some of the workload off their shoulders. A student can earn a lot by sitting with kids. The first place to look is with friends and acquaintances who have children, but students should also place ads for their babysitting services. Some people also need someone to look after their pets when they’re away from home, which is another great option for students looking for extra money. You can take up dog walking as well, if you are good with animals.

(Penny) Stock Trading

Obviously an option for the more business-minded among students, the stock market trade can be very lucrative for those who know a little about how it works. Penny stocks are especially attractive, easily manipulated and online-friendly. As penny stock trading allows for the purchase of a large number of shares, it is probably the best option for those considering earning money this way. Students should exercise caution here, however, and check the company’s past records and whether the business is legal and legitimate in the first place. Browsing the warnings from regulators and checking the company’s level of disclosure are just a couple of steps students should take towards ascertaining whether it’s wise to buy certain stocks. Education is crucial here, which is why it’s recommended that students consult trading guides first, many of which can be found online.

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Utilizing the Web

Starting a blog can be a good way to earn money, but the content has to appeal to a large number of people. The more visitors a blog gets the more visible it becomes for others who wish to advertise on it. Students with blogs containing a fair number of ads can really earn a lot. Alternately, a student can start a YouTube channel, partner with YouTube and generate ad money that way. Again, it’s the content that’s being offered that makes people want to advertise through this or that video, so students should make sure to offer something a lot of people want to see. The web can also be used to place self-made products, like self-designed T-shirts or photographs. Finally, aspiring writers should look for freelancing work online. There may be some among them who have already written something substantial. This material can be sold as an e-book, another source of additional money.

To conclude, the options for earning money while studying are numerous, whether at the university itself or outside of it. Whichever option they choose, students should make sure that they’re using their natural talents and capabilities, as this will make the work more satisfying and earning money faster and easier. Of course, if a student sees that one job isn’t making them enough money, there’s nothing wrong with finding an additional one.

Written by:

Norah Martin

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