Have you grown tired of the same window look that has greeted you every day for the past several years? Maybe it’s time to spice things up and be creative while keeping functionality in mind. Window blinds or shutters are a great option, offering several benefits– privacy, protection, aesthetic appeal and increased resale value among others!

Now, before you make your way to the nearest local home improvement shop or contractor, keep in mind that this is no simple matter. It is still a huge undertaking that you don’t want to mess up. So, here are nine questions to ask first to ensure that you are making the right decision.

# 1 – Are these blinds and shutters worth every cent?

As mentioned earlier, window blinds and shutters offer several benefits. That is, if these are properly installed, are they necessary and are complementing the overall look of the house? Not every window or door needs a blind or shutter. If it won’t serve any real purpose, do not go for it.

# 2 – How much are you willing to throw into the pond?

Blinds and shutters come in different materials, styles and designs, and these factors affect the price. Shutters, more especially, can be costly. So, think of your financial capacity and carefully lay out a budget plan to ensure that you don’t overspend. Take a look at your options within your budget range, and pick that which you think will best meet your needs and wants.

#3 – Does the accessory complement the outfit?

One can easily be overwhelmed with the numerous designs available for blinds and shutters – your options are limitless, especially when you shop online. However, one important factor to keep in mind is the overall look of your house. Consider these items as an accessory while the house as the outfit. Make sure that you pick the one that will complement the look and not overshadow it or get lost in the background. For example, plantation shutters go well with an old house while vertical blinds are great for modern-inspired homes.

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# 4 – Will you and your family be safe around these blinds and shutters?

It would be wise to purchase blinds and shutters that comply with mandatory safety regulations, especially if you are living with children. When searching for a company that offers these items, choose one that keeps safety among their priorities. They should be updated with the current safety standards, and their products come with warning labels.

#5 – Is the environment not shattered by these products?

It’s time to take the step towards eco-friendly living. There are blinds and shutters that are energy efficient, saving consumers from high energy consumption and carbon footprint. You may also want to go for those made from recycled and renewable resources such as wood (hardwood, woven or composite), wool, cotton and sea grass, and help preserve what’s left of the environment.

#6 – Can these filter the UV Rays?

One of the purposes of blinds and shutters is to control or prevent direct sunlight from entering the house, because UV rays are not only damaging to your health but can also ruin your furniture. Sunlight can cause fading and drying of leather furniture and upholstery, while it can either have a bleaching or darkening effect on wooden furniture. Hence, if your blinds and shutters are not UV-stabilized, then these will also end up faded, warped and ultimately damaged in no time.

# 7- Does your chosen company guarantee premier products?

Most often than not, a business will not last long if it doesn’t have loyal customers, right? And having a wide base of customers somehow gives you an idea of the quality of service and products the company offers. Thus, when searching for an outdoor blinds and shutters company to cater your needs, choose one that’s operating for years and has a long history of sales, because these can guarantee the quality of their products.

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#8 – Are the products under a good warranty coverage?

It is quite possible that the blinds and shutters are not fully functional after being installed. Or, these have always been defective to begin with. You can only save yourself in such scenario if the product you bought is under good warranty coverage. Also, make sure that you fully understand return policies for defective or substandard products.

# 9 – Do the blinds and shutters come with FREE installation service?

It would be for your own benefit if the supplier also does free installation of the blinds and shutters. This is especially important for those who have no installation experience and additional bucks to spare. Asking about how long it would take them to complete the task is also advisable as this allows you to do necessary routine adjustments while the installation is being done.

At times, people get too excited when they come up with a new idea that they fail to ask the essential questions before they continue with a venture or investment. Don’t take the jump without a parachute. Always think things through before making a final decision. When you plan on having window blinds and shutters installed in your home, keep the above mentioned questions in mind.

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