The bathroom may not be the ideal choice for people when it comes to style and that is for many reasons. For starters, the color scheme should match with the taps as well as with the whole place properly. The style of the bathroom is also quite critical, wherein the fixtures should be used in such a way that they are in sync with the whole area. This means that the whole aspect of the bathroom taps, is not as easy as it may seem. When designing a bathroom, it is critical that the owner decides beforehand as to what kind of style he/she wants and this means that the scheme should match the fixtures that you put in the bathroom and it includes the taps as well.

Taps available in various designs

The current trend of taps is quite complicated to understand because the styles stretch into the hundreds of manufacturers making all sorts of designs that range from a curvy retro style to even the sleek modern taps that look like they have come straight from the future. These taps have varying price points and functions on the choice of the user.

Pick out the best tap

When it comes to choosing the right tap to be fitted, the customer must first jump through the following hoops:

  • Style of the tap required
  • Budget restrictions on the fixture
  • Faucet size
  • Material of the tap
  • Warranty of tap and manufacturer
  • Special components if any (Common on high end taps)
  • Basin fixture and size consideration

Once all the above factors are considered by the customer, they can then head online or even to a store to purchase the bathroom taps of their choice.

The style of the tap is thought to be the crucial factor while purchasing and considering the hundreds of different styles and types that are offered by the various different manufacturers, it is quite amazing to see how things manage to shape up. The taps as aforementioned is available even in a choice of retro and futuristic designs.

Some Unique taps available in the market

When selecting the right fittings, the customers can choose from the option to get the following different types of taps:

  • Basin taps
  • Bath taps
  • Mixer taps
  • Waterfall taps
  • Wall mounted taps
  • Pillar taps
  • Washbowl taps

On the basis of what they wish to fit, they can choose from the above given options and decide accordingly. For starters, the basin taps are quite budget friendly but require the presence of a basin for it to be installed and carry the most common faucet size which can often be fitted on your own. In-fact, there are various beautiful bathroom tap designs available in your budget nowadays.

The more complicated mixer taps can be a bit of a hassle if the individual decides to DIY, however in the hands of a professional it can be done well. It offers the choice for both hot and cold water; therefore, require a plumber to do the job of connecting the proper pipes to the proper faucets to prevent any problems.

The waterfall taps are a thing of beauty and are more on a stylistic principle and provide a sight to behold. These taps can be quite expensive in comparison with the others and should be installed on a flat bottomed basin for proper use.

Owing to the above given factors, the customer can decide as to how he/she wishes to have the tap fitted. While the retro ones can be easy and cheap, the more complex electronic ones can be a bit gimmicky and expensive as well. The warranty provided along with the materials in it should be of high quality to avoid any expensive repairs.


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