Headstones are about keeping the memory alive of your loved one whom you lost. Many people feel it as the point of contact with the person even after he or she has passed away. If you buy good quality granite headstones, then you can get a smooth and shining surface, apart from the fact that you can also choose from a wide variety of colors, shapes and designs. They are also easy to procure from the online portals, from where you can select a wide variety of designs from the available templates.

What are the factors to consider when you offer an order for headstones?



There are different kinds of material, which are used to manufacture the headstone. Typically, granite and marble are preferred for the headstones.

  • Some may even choose ceramic to get the desired effect of their inscription. But you need to think about two things. How long would you want the tombstone to last?
  • And what is your budget? If you wish that the headstone to last for a long time, then bronze is your material.
  • If you cannot afford bronze, then you can go for the regular stones. Ceramic ones are fragile and can’t withstand the weather.


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Different colors on different materials have different effect. Usually people stick to the white and grey but there are several gradations in shades for the headstones. Right from black to blue and red to purple, you can use any stone for the headstone. Certain inscriptions or engravings come out well on certain colors. It is best to get advice from the expert and choose the color wisely. Logically, the finer engravings do not show well on the lighter shades. Also, chances are that these tombstones would lose their charm easily due to the weather. If you choose bright flower engravings, then you must select the background color as a light variation.

Size of the stone:

You need to carefully plan on the size of the memorial. There are varieties of people who opt for uncommon and unusual headstones. If you are traditional at heart, you can go for the sophisticated and regular sized tombstones. But if you wish to defy all the patterns that exist on the burial ground, you can choose for an unusual size. The positive part of the size is that you can easily spot your memorial from far away.

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Take your time to choose on the design and the inscription. You will find a stock of traditional and religious images on the internet that can be used for the headstones.

  • Pen down your feelings and see if they can make a good carving. Choose an emotional experience while thinking of the inscription. Look at the headstone as a memory that you would love to visit.
  • Once you have confirmed on the design and the inscription, get it checked by others. Chances are that you might not spot the typo, spelling or grammatical errors. You will not want to repent after looking at the finished tombstone.
  • Carefully choose the font and its size so that the inscription appears better and comforting. See if the monumental mason can personalize the memorial headstones with photographs and epitaphs.


Memorial headstones are looked upon as a memory that is meant to last forever. Make a sensible choice of material which does not corrode easily and stays in a better condition even if it is not taken care of on a regular basis. Everything has to work harmoniously for the memory of your lost one to shine out. The cost of the headstones can vary, depending on the type, color and the size of the material that you choose. Pick the best quality stone which we use in Headstones. So you can get different price quotations before you buy the headstones. 

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