If you are, by any chance, fortunate enough to have a job that is administered from home, then you can easily find yourself in a situation to be displeased with your working space. Fortunately, it is still your apartment, so it may and should be adjusted to fit your needs. There are several key factors upon which you should build your plan to improve functionality. With this in mind, here are some basic guidelines to help you in the process.


Concerning this aspect, it is of utmost importance to have enough room to function without problems. The best thing possible is to single out one whole room, and turn it into your office. If it is possible, choose the one with the best lighting, for you will need plenty of that, in order to function properly. Huge windows are a great benefit, for there is no better light than the natural one. In addition, mind the climate of your city. Adequate air conditioning system is a must-have, for it will keep you warm during winter and cooled during summer. It is known that outer temperature can affect your productivity, decreasing it drastically, and you wish to avoid this.


When it comes to this, two things you should take into consideration. Furniture and utilities, including electronic devices such as a computer, printer and scanner, should be reliable, yet pleasant for the eye. If it is low-graded, it doesn’t matter if it is stunning in view, and vice versa. Sufficient storage space is also required, but not too much, for you may be lost in it, and it might happen that you search for an important document for quite some time. A solution for this can be to obtain a couple of shelves, or to take advantage of modern technology. Whichever document you may, scan to electronic form, and with numerous services such as Dropbox, Cloud or Google drive, you may store it safely online, without worrying that your systems’ crash will erase all the data.

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This item must be viewed separately. It is maybe the most important thing in your office, for you will be spending maybe hours in a sitting position, and according to renowned Sydney-based office fitout professionals, we learned that somewhere near 90% of adults experience back pain at some point in their life, while 50% of working population are experiencing this menace every year. It is allowed to spare money on everything, but the chair. It needs to be suited for you, adjustable and reliable. Also, it can be found in wide plethora of colors, designs and materials, so it won’t be trouble to find the one that suits you best. But no matter how good your chair is, avoid sitting for prolonged period of time, for it can damage your health.

With everything said taken into consideration, the best advice anyone can give you is to follow your idea, and make your dream office real. Keep in mind though that this is your office now, rather than part of your apartment, so don’t fall into trap and just redecorate room.

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