There is something romantic about the Victorian age, especially the bathrooms they have designed. Those rooms breathe with passion, desire and most of all, great taste. However, it will take a bit of creativity, and some DIY know-how to spice up your bathroom and to give it a vintage makeover. Bear in mind that while you can do most of the things alone, for some, you will have to call in the pros.

How to Turn Your Bathroom Vintage Style by a Mirror or Two to Spice up the Bathroom

No vintage-styled bathroom is complete without a big mirror to bring the whole place together. Moreover, if you manage to put in two or more, even better, as it will help with making your bathroom seem bigger as well. On the other hand, make sure that you find a good frame for your mirrors, as they will be a vital part to add a vintage layer to it. Try not to go overboard with the number of mirrors in your bathroom, as they might take over, and ruin the focal point you were aiming for.

Re-purpose Some of the Old Things Lying Around

Chances are that you have some rustic wooden ladders lying around in your house, and if you have no particular use for them, time to make one. Adding a ladder to hang towels on it will be more than just a charming décor item, it will breathe new life into your bathroom. Make sure to clean it though, because you do not want to have it all filthy and dirty up your towels.

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A Risky Investment for Your Floors

One of the key elements which will separate a good bathroom from a vintage themed one will be the flooring. However, you have to be wary when you decide to change the floor in your bathroom, as it might turn out to be expensive. Furthermore, while it is possible to combine a modern bathroom with vintage looks, you have to be careful how you go about it. The end result might be too much on the overall design you were going for, and it could ruin your whole concept.

How to Turn Your Bathroom Vintage Style by Your Cabinets to Suit the Style

Older wooden cabinets will be perfect for vintage bathrooms, because they will have this Victorian charm surrounding them. But, make sure to keep the colors to a dulled down tone, because you are trying to avoid vivid and wild colors. Moreover, finish your cabinets with a garnish that will protect them in a humid environment, to make sure they will not rot away too fast.

Bigger Plumbing Projects

Changing the features in your bathroom, toilets, bathtubs and sinks could be an expensive and tedious project, and you will have to carefully plan out every detail to make it happen. Nevertheless, Dial Up Plumbing will be your best bet for help, as they can quickly replace your bathroom necessities, without making a huge mess. Make sure to pick out what you want, because once you start, there is no going back.

Going vintage in your bathroom can be a lot of fun, and you will have to change a number of things, though, you should not assume that it will be easy. Because you will be changing one of the most demanding rooms in your home, you should have a ready-made plan. This way, you will be able to follow how things are unfolding, and where you might make adjustments to better your design. Vintage décor in general has to have a dialed down tone to it, and colors which are not too bright.

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