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How to get more followers on Instagram
In June 2016, Instagram reached 500 million monthly active users. And if this fascinating number says nothing to you, you probably haven’t registered with Instagram yet. It is one of the best promotion platforms; it has become even more powerful since it was bought by Facebook for $1 billion on April 9, 2012.

Just imagine: 80 million new photos and 3.5 billion likes per day! The number of users has doubled in the last two years, and the most popular of them, Selena Gomez, has about 94 million followers and 1200 posts.

But please don’t think that getting likes and shares is as easy as pie. Actually, it’s hard strategic work, especially given the increasing competition. Starting from writing grammatically correct posts and ending with qualitatively made shots, everything should be done perfect!

In this post, Lucy Adams, shares with you the basic tips on how to become visible on Instagram. Apply them to your account, and you’ll notice positive changes very soon.

#1 Connect Your Instagram Account to Facebook

Despite the simplicity and obviousness of this step, it will bring you awesome results, especially if you have a well-promoted Facebook account. Well, put the link to your Instagram profile in each and every reasonable place. Almost all up-to-date services, even those that are not related to social networks, have the correspondent field. Don’t leave it empty! By the way, you can easily restrict doubling your Instagram publications and manually choose photos that you want to see on your Facebook page.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram: Photo credit: staticflickr.com

Photo credit: staticflickr.com

#2 Use Popular #hashtags and Filters

Here are the top-10 at this moment:

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Hashtags are a very important component that can give you unexpectedly awesome promotion effect. Even if you only have a few followers, using the right hashtags, you can get a lot of likes!

Well, everyone is a photographer on the Internet. Especially if he/she gets the supports of the best filters:

  • Normal. Actually, that’s not a filter. However, it shows that your photo masterpieces are done with #nofilter.
  • Clarendon. Makes light places lighter and black places even blacker. That’s the perfect filter for making contrast shots and sunset photos.
  • Juno. A filter that intensifies yellows and red hues. Thus, these colors become more visible than blue. Feel free to use Juno to create a deep picture.
  • Gingham. There are a lot of vintage lovers among Instagram users. If you’re one of them, try this amazing filter.
  • Earlybird. About 10% of Instagram’s population has at least tried Earlybird. It acts like Gingham, so you can combine these two filters or choose the one best for you.
  • Amaro. A filter that makes the center of the image brighter. Amaro brings aged effect, which also looks vintage and a bit dreamy.

#3 Follow Other Instagram Users

Reciprocity is a very powerful driving force for all social networks. And Instagram is no exception. If you follow new people, they will likely follow you.

Well, every coin has two sides. Instagram doesn’t state the maximal number of accounts you can follow in a day (for example, Twitter’s restriction is 1000 follows per day). However, some studies have shown that you can (un)follow up to 160 users per hour. The faster tempo may lead to restrictions, up to the ban. I recommend you limit the tempo to 30 follows per 5 minutes if you just created an account (or it’s still young) or 50 follows per 60 minutes if you’re well promoted.

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What about likes and comments?

Instagram is designed so that when you Like something, the user receives a notification and can quickly see who enjoys his or her photos. Likes and comments are one of the most obvious and working strategies. Show the user that you really adore what they are presenting, and he/she will likely follow you if you have at least any useful stuff.

The reasonable limit is 1.5x likes of the number of follows you have. For example, if you follow 100 users on Instagram, 150 likes is the limit you should stick to. As for comments, try not to leave more than 200 messages per day.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

#4 Keep Your Shots Qualitative

Please don’t publish trash. Of course, you’re free to post what you want, but then forget about the commercialization of the account. Until you are a well-known Instagrammer, try to release something extraordinary and diverse. Less is more. When you post a lot of pictures of the same type, you just irritate followers. And then you’ll get nothing more than mass unsubscribing.

Try to make each photo unique and creative, as well as make significant pauses between publications, so as not to annoy followers.

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