International English Language Testing System, popularly known as IELTS is a test which you must undertake if you are planning to have better future prospects, especially abroad. In order to prepare for the test, the support material such as practice tests and course books can either be found in digital or printed format, whichever is convenient. There are a few tips to prepare for the test of each section, some of which are mentioned below.

Listening paper

  • In order to get useful information about the speakers and the situation, make sure to listen carefully to the introduction for this section.
  • Look through the questions and contemplate on the topic by using some time at the start of each section.
  • For every task, read the instructions carefully and also keep the maximum number of words that are allowed in your mind.
  • The recording will not be heard twice; hence, make sure to write the answers at the time you hear them.
  • Make sure that whatever is written makes sense according to the context.
  • Also pay close attention to the examples that are given.
  • Stick to the word limit given.
  • Write clearly and make sure to check for grammatical and spelling mistakes at the end.

Academic reading paper

  • Keeping a close eye on the time given to you is really important as the time may seem to pass really quickly. You will be given an hour’s time to answer as well as transfer your answers on the answer sheet.
  • Instead of being stuck on a question, make sure to leave it for the end. Make sure to put a mark against that particular question so that you will not waste more time in looking for it once you are done with the rest of the section.
  • Read the instructions carefully and skim through the questions before jumping to the text.
  • Also pay attention to any provided examples.
  • Make sure to accurately copy the words from the text as spelling mistakes may make you lose marks for a particular question.

Academic writing paper

  • In this section, respond carefully to all the questions by going through the instructions provided for each.
  • Also note if the question mentions the word count, if it does, then stick to it.
  • The 1st writing task must be finished within 20 minutes so that you will have enough time to deal with the 2nd writing task, as it carries more marks than the 1st one.
  • The data and figures from the visual information must be accurately used for Task 1.
  • Time your ideas for each task before you write. Find and choose the most important portions for information to complete the 1st task, while take enough time to organize the argument and ideas for the 2nd writing task.

Speaking paper

  • In order to feel more involved in the conversation, make sure not to hesitate and talk to the examiner.
  • Listen to the question asked and answer by giving certain details so that your answer seems complete as well as supported with an explanation.
  • For the long turn in Part 2, make sure to practice speaking for two minutes.
  • Also explain your opinions and give reasons to support them.

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