Lighting is a huge part of home design. The right or wrong – lighting can transform any room. While there are no rules as such, you should always choose light fixtures that suit your individual style, following some simple guidelines that can help you get the most from your lighting. If you need inspiration, grab some interior design magazines and create your own scrapbook with ideas of enlightenment.

Install lights that make up most of the space

If you have a very small room with a low ceiling, a compact lamp or a ceiling lamp with a closed bulb would not look out-of-place. If you are working on a very large space with a high ceiling, use this to your advantage, and create a dramatic focal point with a chandelier.

Think about the lighting purpose

Write a list of the activities that happen in the room and use it for reference when selecting your fixtures. Most of the rooms in a house require some form of task lighting for reading, studying or applying makeup. For example, if you are lighting up a living room, floor or table lamp next to a seating area is necessary.

Purchase lights that create the right atmosphere in the room

Wall lights are an effective way to provide soft, soothing light. The light can focus up, down or both directions to create the desired effect. Alternatively, dimmer switches for ceiling lights work well in a room used for entertaining guests such as a dining room or living room, when a quick way to change the mood is desired. If you turn on a TV, install indirect lights that would bounce off the wall and reduce the risk of eye strain due to the looking at the screen. Very bright lights are not a good solution for a living room but are more important in the kitchen, because this is where many tasks are performed.

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Illuminate the living room perfectly by more than one light source

Brighten up the darkest parts of a room and corners with floor lamps. These are a versatile solution that can easily be connected, without wiring, and can be moved around the house if you decide to redecorate. Also keep in mind what the positions and orientations suitable for lamps are. In the area where the couch and TV are, lighting should be oriented towards the floor or ceiling, providing a softer light reflection that can help create a cozier environment. Moreover, direct lighting with small spotlights on specific points you want to emphasize, such as artworks, is a nice touch in a living room.

Think green and save some money

As for types of bulbs, today all bets are directed toward LED bulbs. For various reasons, both aesthetic and functional, almost all professionals agree to choose them as the most appropriate. Led wall lights are more adaptable to specific needs and ultimately pose a significant cost savings in addition to the environmental benefits that their use implies. There are also original ideas to customize the environment through lighting. Besides the classic led lamps, today there are many different and fun possibilities such as garlands of light. If you have a playground for the kids in the living room, a garland of lights in bright colors can be perfect for them.

Illuminate the living room perfectly by

Once you have decided what kind of environment you want for your living room, you can create it with furniture and decorative accessories. Setting up a desired environment is a fairly simple task if you are clear on what you want. High furniture can be useful as separators, but you should not abuse them because they prevent the continuous flow of natural light.

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