There used to be a time when shop owners counted money manually, with time that method upgraded to a currency counting machine. If we compare today’s technology with the past few years, then we could clearly make out that innovations have happened in almost every sector and our lives have become 100 times easier than ever. I-Pad cash register EPOS system is another stepping stone of technology for various businessmen. In any retail store, the owner can’t do without a cash management system. Be it the traditional cash counting machine or an elaborate computerized point of sale (POS) system, a machine is needed to process and manage sales.

All the data be it sales, profit, departmental info, refunds, groups, customers’ account details, everything is stored on an I-Pad that can be accessed by the owner anytime anywhere with the help of an internet connection. Though it costs a bit more, but the benefits are so many that more and more businessmen are following this technique nowadays. The reason?

  • This is more secure
  • Fast and with more storage capacity
  • You can access any information from the past anytime and anywhere
  • Easy to understand
  • An innovative way to make things hassle free

These days many I-Pad systems are offering loyalty tools to increase profits and to win people’s trust. And because of so many benefits that the I-pad cash register EPOS system offers, merchants are increasingly following the trend. Let us now learn how a businessman can improve customer loyalty with the help of this technology.

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Honoring your Repeat Customers is the Key to your Success

Customer loyalty is the most important driving factor that can take your business to new heights. People who keep coming to you every time will separate you from your competitors that close the doors when need arises! So before you get ideas on how to keep your customer happy, here are some statistics: (as per a survey)

  • 68% of customers won’t return if they did not like your business and the environment
  • Businesses that focus more on customer satisfaction enjoy 60% more profits
  • 43% customers are more likely to register their complaints online
  • A satisfied customer will share his/her good experience with 9 people on an average and an unhappy one will spread the bad word to 22 people

So, the power of customer loyalty is clear from this data. Here are some benefits that you can provide to your customer through EPOS system to make sure the person keeps coming to you!

  • Hire People with Good Communication Skills

The staff that is handling the sales should be well versed with the communication skills and the technical know how. If a customer has come first time to you and he/she is treated nicely then there are more chances of him coming to you again.

  • Be Honest

Do not promote things or services that you are not offering at that time. Be honest and share your strengths with the customer. If you are planning to increase the number of products soon, simply tell the customer that he can expect this service in near future.

  • Right Marketing Tools

Even if you’re offering a 50% discount and your marketing skills lack, your sales won’t go up! So take advantage of IPOS system and mail your customers about the latest discounts and other offers. You won’t find such a cost effective marketing tool anywhere.

  • Rewards

Cardholders will quickly be hooked to your service if you will reward them for their repeat purchase. This may include monthly product discount, reward point tracking, and special freebies on a certain day of the week etc. This way more and more people will prefer you and thus increase your sales.

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You have a right tool in your hand to take your business to a higher level, so make its use judiciously and you will surely be rewarded.

Written by:

Amy Screamer

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