Two children while walking hand in hand in a garden named “City Botanical Garden” on a Sunday morning were immersed in their little though deep discussions – of course deep for their level of intellectual evolution. The conversation carries few confusions but it, no doubt, sprang from honest confusions.

Child A (4 years): You know I became bigger and got promoted to LKG now. My new teacher is very good and smart.

Child B (8 years): Congratulations! But how do you know that she is smart?

Child A: Because she knows almost everything… That day she taught me all the parts of human body… eyes, ears, nose, mouth, neck, shoulders, hands, chest, stomach, legs and much more!

Child B: Great! So can you show me your body now?

Child A: Sure! Here it is (pointing to own body)

Child B: But that is your “chest” not the “body”!

Child A: Hmm….. here it is!

Child B: But that is your “head” not the “body”!

After discussing in similar lines for some time, that is after discovering that whatever part one points out has a distinct name but is not exactly the body, the children came to the confident conclusion that there is nothing definite called “body” which is just an illusory concept!

They were overheard by their father who was quietly following them till now.

Father: Well children, is there a garden called “City Botanical Garden”?

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Children (together): Yes!

Father: Are you sure children?

Child B: Of course we are! We all are walking inside that right now!

Father: Can you show me the garden? Don’t say “all around” but show it particularly please.

Child B: Here it is…

Father: But that is a “mango tree”… not the “garden”…

Child B: Here it is!

Father: But that is the “swimming pool”… not the “garden”…

Child B: Got your point! Garden is not a separate element but the entire collection of trees, benches, swimming pool etc… is the garden! Similarly all the limbs together are the body!

Father: Good! Similarly if we can’t recognize a tree as a whole we are bound to misunderstand its leaves, branches, twigs etc… to be separate individual beings!

Child A: I don’t get what are you talking? Does the garden exist?! (Asks with a perplexed look on face)

Father: Yes dear! You will get it more clearly when you become bigger [IMG]
The father now thinks to himself:

4 years… 8 years… and I am 35 years… Clearly with physical growth our thinking ability also grows. If the perception is limited at a microscopic level we won’t be able to feel even the hands or legs as individual limbs but we will feel them to be separate elemental particles of calcium, carbon, phosphorous etc…

Throughout the whole world, is that why we quarrel over religions or faiths? We tend to be fanatical just by failing to recognize that they are all limbs of the same human existence?

Is it possible to broaden the vision to such an extent from where we can realize the entire existence to be a single unit and all the differences perceived by intellect to be just different expressions of the same Whole? Even if it is possible won’t it be subjected to the limitations of human capability of experiencing things?! Several animals possess additional perceptive abilities that allow them to experience the world in ways we can barely imagine. We have many other examples where we find that certain species in nature have different sensing abilities than human beings. In that case is not the vastest-possible understanding of humans termed as God also is limited?

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