Khandala, a popular exotic tourist destination in the state of Maharashtra, is a beautiful hill station that is today often replete with tourists, nature enthusiasts, and photographers. Situated at an altitude of about 652 meters, it is a tranquil town that is popular for its magnificent landscapes, everlasting hills, grassy fields, lustrous valleys, and sparkling lakes and water bodies. It is a major highlight in India’s tourism circuit and is a popular weekend getaway for the denizens of Mumbai and Pune. Khandala is often mentioned together with Lonavala. These two are considered to be twin sisters. Both of them are beautiful little towns that are well blessed by nature and are ideal for a sojourn holiday. Khandala is the pride of the Sahyadri Hill range. It has a pleasant weather almost across the year. Summers here are mild and winters are quite cool. Monsoon here has it own charm. The town receives good rainfall, refreshing the whole surroundings, making it replete with lush greenery and filling all the lakes and waterfalls with fresh water.

Getting into Khandala is easy. If one is taking a flight, there are a couple of good routes to choose from. One could simply take a flight to Mumbai, Pune, or Nashik airport and then catch a cab. Besides, there are several government-run buses and private buses running between Khandala and nearby towns and cities. Trains are perhaps the cheap and convenient modes to reach the town. There is a typical modern railway station in the town and most of the trains from Mumbai and Pune stop at this rail head.

As a tourist destination, Khandala offers a plethora of excellent opportunities to relish. Tourism is big in here and most of the population are dependent on it. The best time to visit the town is October to May. The city is ideal for sightseeing, relishing good food, and spending a relaxed holiday in between the nature. Picnics, trekking, cycling, long walks, Yoga, meditation, and hitchhiking are some of the popular activities to do in Khandala. Bestowed by nature’s riches the town is simply one of the most beautiful places you have been to. Tourism and historically significant caves, namely Karla caves, Bhaja caves, and Bedsa caves are the main attractions of the town. These caves are known for their cave-architecture and their history. These caves house some magnificent pillars adorned by intricate carvings, images, sculptures, mythological tales, and temples. The Karla caves are a must visit. They were built for the Buddhist monks who lived and preached at the site. Apart from these, the other must visit places in the town include: Lohgad Fort, Sakur Plateau, Kune Falls, Rajmachi Fort, Reversing Station, Lonavala Hill, Tiger’s Leap, Bhushi Lake, Amrutanjan Point, and Duke’s Nose.

While in the town, don’t forget to try the Chikkis, they are the town’s speciality. It is a sweet made up of jaggery and different types of nuts. Besides, food items like chivda, canned jams, sev, and wafers are a must buy. Talking about accommodations in the town, there all types of lodging options available in the town. Starting from cheap hotels to the budget hotels in Khandala or the luxury hotels, there is a good range of options to choose from.

The choice of hotel is one big factor in your tour of the town. Keep the budget and your stay needs and priorities in mind before selecting a hotel. There are some hotels that are not so popular but also are rated well. The Zara Resorts is one such hotel in the town; it is one of the best hotels in Khandala. The good thing is Zara Resort Khandala rates are quite affordable and within budget of many.

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