Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. ~ Christ/Luke 17:21 King James Version

So many religious people ignore this teaching by Christ, in fact, most of Christ’s teachings are. Why? Because teachings as such are not promoted, for special reasons. On the other hand, do we really appreciate things that are just given to us compared to things worked for?… Some people may have been religious all of their lives; yet, have not heard the above quote before.

Do we have any idea of what a sperm cell goes through to reach the mother’s egg? Perhaps! But have we tried connecting that process to the term being “born again?” Everything here, after the birth is the shadow of what we went through in there, racing to the egg. Yes, torture, deceit, murders, lies, etc. Why do you think so many cells die trying to reach that one egg? Those cells were held back–got side swiped with the false beauty of this world, or what I mentioned previously, etc. These sperm cells are already born in their own way, but they would like to become “born again,” a different physical body. So, let me ask you: “If our earth is but one gigantic egg; then, are we really born?” Maybe in our own way. I think master Krishna says it best:

“Among a thousand who seek me, one finds me. Among a thousand who find me, one follows me. And among a thousand who follow me, one is mine. ~ Bhagavad Gita

This post is not to slander anyone, or to say I know this or that, but to attempt to give more meaning to something. That something will be of your own findings.

I have a little knowledge of the Kabbalah, and I find it quite interesting. I will share some of my experiences with you, but not all. The rest you would need to study on your own.

Tree of Life! Photo Credit: Altrendo images via Getty Images

Ancient Egyptian Words:

KA = Spirit

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BA = Body

LAH = Moon

If you travel back to the distant past of ancient Egypt, you will find the Goddess Amunet or Amenet (different interpretations), which later could’ve been associated with the moon of titles such as: Iah, Iah becoming Yah and then Lah to Al-lah (The Moon).

You see, so many considerations, lies, murders, division, etc. over things not really understand, but accepted. I think about a million sperm cells were just killed off.

Also, I’m still understanding it, researching—finding my own way to the egg, or cosmic mother. The key is not to say you’re this or that because it will hold you back.

Back to the Kabbalah. At the very top we will see Kether. Kether is the word of God, which also means air.

American King James Version
And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

At the very bottom you will see Malkuth. Malkuth is what we call the Kingdom, which is also our earth. Everything we see here on the earth is within us. We’ve been poisoned through perception of this physically world shortly after birth. Our parents, society, environment helped us to form this thing called ego. We can’t blame anyone for this because we need some kind of ego to live in this world.

Let’s take another look at this Kabbalah. Do you see that grayed out circle underneath Kether? It’s called Daath. Daath is directly connected to what is called Knowledge, or Gnosis. Gnosis is a special kind of knowledge–a type of knowledge that is related to wisdom, depending on where our consciousness lies. Daath is not supposed to be shown on this tree, and this is the reason for the graying out. Daath has been taken away and buried (hidden) after the fall so that we could live mortal lives.

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The 3rd letter of the Hebrew alphabet is called Gimel. Take out the I in Gimel and replace it with “a” and you’ll have Gamel which means camel in Hebrew. We know that a camel has humps along it’s back, so let’s think of these humps as the kundalini. Gimel is directly related to Binah, on the tree of life. Do you remember in the Bible where the three wise-men were riding camels? These wise-men were indeed elevated beings, or internally rich men going to see Christ. Please do not take this literally, because that’s where we tend to get in lots of trouble. Think of Gimel as the rich man or rich woman.

The 4th letter is called Daleth. Daleth is Daath on the tree of life. Daleth is the poor man or poor woman who needs enriching knowledge. This is why the poor man needs Gnosis in order to find Gimel, or the rich man or rich woman within. Daleth is a doorway.

If you look at the letter A, it almost looks like a road or a bridge of some sort. O is somewhat the same as zero because they are both round and can represent infinity.








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