Beauty treatments are something to be enjoyed as they can be relaxing and good for your skin, especially if you have skin issues. But it is possible to find homemade remedies for most things, and you can almost always find the ingredients at home without having to spend a lot of money.

No matter how good the recipes might sound, it is important to always check with a dermatologist in order to see that what you are trying to do is safe and that you will not cause any irreparable damage. Moreover, remember that not all skin types are the same and that because a remedy worked for someone, it will not work for all.


Staying younger longer is a dream for everyone, but it is not an impossibility to fight back aging; according to experts it is possible to slow down the aging effects if you drink wine regularly. Drinking a glass of red wine daily can help your body battle the harmful effects of free radicals in your body on a cellular level.

It is important to realize that the antioxidants found in wine are good for your beauty and for having a clean and healthy skin. However, it is not only important to drink red wine alone, but to combine it with a healthy diet including other sources of antioxidants; only this way can you reap the full benefits of antioxidants helping your body stay younger for longer.

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Wine facial treatments

Skin treatments usually involve a mixture of chemicals to peel of a layer of the skin and to stimulate the regrowth of the next layer so that you will have smoother and more beautiful skin. But in order to get a glowing face, and to have the most positive effect possible, it is better to consider using wine facial treatments.

The wine treatment will almost instantly give you a wrinkle-free effect so that your skin will seem smoother, and because wine is rich in antioxidants, any blemishes and minor imperfections will disappear.

Oily skin

Having oily skin means that your face and skin will be prone to a lot of acne action; and in order to get rid of it effectively without harming your skin, or causing any visible damage to the surface of the skin, it is better to use red wine. The properties of red wine include a lot of chemicals that help reduce inflammation naturally and thus reduce the forming of acne in the long run.

Dryer skin

If you want to use a wine treatment for dry skin, it is better to use sweet white wine as the acids in play will focus on making the skin more water-retaining, meaning that your skin will be able to hold in more water and it will seem healthier even after one treatment. Furthermore, the treatment will relax your skin so that your wrinkles and other facial signs of aging will slowly fade away and you will look a lot younger.

Homemade wine facials

The best way to have a DIY wine facial is to first recognize the problem you have to deal with and then mix together the proper ingredients to achieve the best results possible. Make sure that you prepare your face in order to apply wine facial treatment; otherwise you will not do much. The preparation includes properly cleaning your skin, steaming, and only then can you apply the wine mix because the pores will be wide open and your skin will be most relaxed. Make sure that you follow instructions to avoid any eventual issues and skin scarring.

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The power of DIY

Although you might find yourself becoming really good at giving yourself a wine treatment, it is important not to overdo it and not to practice it on someone else as you can develop issues previously not present. Remember that everyone has a different skin type and in order to make the perfect mix and to achieve the perfect results, you have to learn how to deal with each skin type.

Make sure that your dermatologist approves of what you are doing because the acids in the concoction may cause irreparable scars and issues for your skin.

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