Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.
~ Marianne Williamson

First, I would like for you to imagine a room, perhaps your bedroom with everything in it of course. You then turn off the light(s), and it’s now dark. Does that make the items in your room or your room evil, considering the popular religious doctrine that darkness is evil? In fact, you know exactly what’s in that room. You Tell Me! Try bringing someone over to your place, and bring them to your dark room. Tell them that everything in this room is evil, and watch their reaction; then, turn on the light(s). They now have accumulated your knowledge of this room; however, this is a direct parable of a higher truth.

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The subconscious mind is like a grave, in which information has become buried. Behavioral patterns can be the worse, because we may find ourselves repeating the same thing over and over again, because habits have become so ingrained, so buried. We need a shovel for lifting the dirt.

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Light and Darkness can be taken in so many ways, and an endless subject it is. The best ways of relating to this subject is going for what we already know, for example: light can be seen as our conscious mind, and our subconscious mind can be seen as the darkness, because it’s not fully seen Right Now! Our subconscious mind remembers everything that has happened to us in this life, and I mean everything, a recorder best’s relates to this. Something hits us, and we say: “Ohhhh Yeahhhh!” I remember that. You see? A resurrection of thoughts.

I am sitting, writing this to you—everything I want to say is stored into a folder in my mind, perhaps unorganized (subconscious) until I’ve written it down, and edited my wording(s). As I am writing, more ideas may come from my own darkness but I am shooting for the deep known. I am not telling you how one should think, or what one should do, but to use myself as an example to make some kind of point is the goal.

They tell us to stay out of the darkness, but why? Are we told this because we may have hidden powers? Some kind of connection to something greater than ourselves; directly? Or is it something we can use to correct ourselves? We might as well just give away half our brains, since we’re not going to use it anyway.

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A master once stated that we are 97% in ego (sub-consciousness) and 3% conscious. Really? We go to work everyday and work for others, while we receive our payments for that work, right? We can also work for ourselves, do you see it coming? We can do spiritual work for our own salvation, or we can work for theirs.

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Nature is very rich in knowledge and wisdom, but we can only understand things with our own percentage in consciousness. The light of the world, God’s son, bright ray’s etc. But Look! Our sun has those same qualities: the light of the world, right? Is the sun yours, no; then, it may be God’s Sun, right? The sun also dies and resurrects everyday, for those who like metaphors.

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See! You heard it from the sun itself. I would put my faith in that.

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One’s consciousness is the flashlight one uses to see in the darkness, or in the subconsciousness. There are many techniques we can utilize to help us with this; we need knowledge. Other techniques are that of meditation, reading, “temporary isolations, using beliefs” as a study guide and more. The best type of knowledge to accumulate is that of bringing things to a oneness, as everything is. This kind of knowledge does not require debates of any kind.

Let’s look inside our minds with this flashlight and examine the darkness, our beliefs, ideas etc. We have been told a lot of lies from the beginning of our lives from society. Try to build the word satan and santa out of these letters: s,t,a,n,a. You see? There are no added or unused letters to make those spellings. It’s been in front of our faces the whole time, but we just did not see it before; however, our subconsciousness did. Possibly you already knew. The light comes from darkness, but the light is ours to keep, for construction.

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Let’s take this socket here. We see the face behind the face, but the outward face has three outlets on each row. Let’s call this the female plug socket, or the light bearer–it is full of light, but darkness at the same time because the power is hidden. I am simply mentioning darkness because one cannot see behind it once it’s fully installed. The male plug would be considered the one that has the appliance attached to it, which plugs into the female socket and then we have life.. It takes two to make life, or more light.

The conscious and the sub-conscious both need one another. One has to go inside in order to bring light out and be a light upon others. We go to sleep (enter darkness), and we wake up (enter light), but these two concepts are also entangled with one another. One could be awake in the sleep state, and be sleep in the awake state. Not trying to confuse you, but it’s something to think about.

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“You are an explorer, and you represent our species, and the greatest good you can do is to bring back a new idea, because our world is endangered by the absence of good ideas. Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness.” ~Terence McKenna

We can say that the world that we see in front of us, and around us is what’s in us. The world cannot tell us what to think or how to interpret something, although we can be manipulated—we still have freewill, or do we not? Everything we see has some kind of story to tell, but as stated previously: “we can only understand things with our own percentage in consciousness.” The rest of the story is picked up from our subconsciousness, by default, due to us being divine beings; everything works rather we know how to use it or not. It’s as if putting on different clothes reflect different characters from our own darkness.

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After picking up a little knowledge, some of us may feel superior to others. Have you ever heard the saying: “never let your left hand know what your right hand is doing?” Imagine a ninja sneaking into a building to terminate someone, but this mission would be compromised if he told everyone he was there—he would be captured and or killed. If we let our left hand know (lower self/darkness) what our right (higher self) is doing; then, that message is picked up and interpreted by our very own lower selves or inner enemy. It would be ideal for us to take what we have learned, and create something new with it—reflecting the higher self. Being able to let go of information is ideal because it keeps one fresh: “like a child per se.” When the physical body holds onto information, it tends to become old and then eventually dies.

Fortunately there is a way to build our very own consciousness, and awareness is definitely a key. We can have read all of the books in the world and still have yet to know something—we become very good repeaters. It is fortunate when we become very aware of what’s coming into our minds, but this takes practice. If we do not become very aware of the information in-taken; then guess what? The subconscious mind picks it up and disorganizes it. Being “conscious” is not always a great thing or happy thing, but an act of suffering and letting go of old ways, because we are going against what we have been taught.

Being “conscious” also implies getting out of our comfort zones every now and then. Also, stating that we do not know anything and meaning it, which also takes power from our ego’s. Humility is a very big part of consciousness.

Chastity (purity)
Temperance (self-restraint)
Charity (giving)
Diligence (zeal/integrity/Labor)
Forgiveness (composure)
Kindness (admiration)
Humility (humbleness)

Consciousness is something we grow into over time, and not something we receive all at one time. What I think we are doing is getting back to the heart that a baby has, a child has, as they shine to the world.

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