Living life to the fullest is every man’s greatest goal. No one wants to be left out; no one wants to leave the earth without a legacy; without being recognized and without enjoying the abundance of the earth to its fullest. The problem is that many people have multifaceted knowledge about this topic which is as a result of different personalities and religion. This is the reason why there is confusion about the meaning of living life to the fullest.

Most people have attributed the term as a self-analysis (knowing who you are in terms of personal character traits, gifts and talents). While some have defined it as living a happy life on earth, others have quoted it as being true to oneself. There are people who have even termed it to be enjoying the pleasure of the world as life on earth is too short. However while these definitions might seem true, which method is better in defining the subject?

It’s easy to conclude that you can live life to the fullest by understanding oneself. The problem is that this method is stereotyped. So many people have tried to use self-analysis as a way to discover how to enjoy life and have failed. We heard of rich people who had everything they could dream of; yet, they were so unhappy with life and even committed suicide. You need to consider changes in behavior as the world progresses in age.

The truth is that living your life to the fullest can only be achieved by understanding your purpose on earth, and not by knowing who you are. Discovering your purpose will enable you to kick-start on a life journey. A car is not useful unless it takes you to a destination. It does not matter if the car is fast, spacious, sleek, cool or beautiful. If it does not achieve its aim then, it is useless. That’s why basing your purpose on yourself or your personality is frustrating as you will always achieve personal goals and not true calling. So how can you live a life of fulfillment and no regrets?

There are two ways to discover your purpose on earth and enjoy life to the fullest:

  1. Speculation

  2. Revelation


This is the method most people use to discover their purpose and this method could be called “Trial and error,” as people make a lot of mistakes in their lives before they get a sense of belonging in the world. Also, most self-help books derive their teaching and principles from this method. It is possible to use this method and achieve a fulfilled life. However, only very few people can achieve this. Don’t be deceived, it takes time and effort to be able to discover your purpose with this method and you waste precious time which leads to regrets as a result of time wasted. If you have a lot of time and are adventurous, then this method could help you achieve your dreams but if not, try the next method.


This is another method of discovering your purpose. In fact, with this method, you are sure of enjoying life to the fullest. This method poses that you get to know your purpose by inquiring from God and reading his Word.

We were created by God and that’s the reason why it makes sense to ask our Creator. No one can know us better than him because he knows our frames and personality.

If I created an invention and gave it to you to use, you would not be able to use it efficiently unless I give you a manual. Only God can reveal to you what your purpose is on earth and knowing this simplifies your life and makes you enjoy life to the fullest.

So the question is which method do you prefer to live life to the fullest?

The Journey to living life to the fullest is based on choices. Do you want to live the earth happy without regrets or do you want to live a tragedy, full of pity and procrastination. The choice is yours.

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