Your best friend and worst enemy are both in this room right now. It’s not your neighbor right or left – and it’s not God or the devil – it’s you. ~ Edwin Louis Cole

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Most of us, if not all of have become familiar with the term love thy neighbor, but why do we need to be told this? Isn’t it automatically a part of human nature to already do this, without being told? Who is this neighbor you speak of? Who is this neighbor to me and why is he or she so special?

If we are treating ourselves with love and respect; then, we are treating others as we are treating ourselves if we are sincere with ourselves.

If I have orange juice in the refrigerator at home, there will be orange juice to offer someone else. Is it possible to love others more than we love ourselves? Speaking of orange juice—I ran out, so I’ll try to make orange juice out of nothing and give to you. 😉

If I am talking to you in person, wouldn’t it be you talking to yourself since your interpreting what I’m saying? Let me make this simpler: can you see me, feel me or touch me? My words are simply telling you how to format your own understanding through words—these words are simply metaphors. There have been situations where one has not understood what you have said, but you did, which proves my point here… we cannot make anyone understand anything, so who are they (we) talking to? Ourselves!

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I give you something that you can really use, from the goodness of my heart.–you accept what it is I have offered and in return you have given your appreciation. Your appreciation I have received and it made me feel really good. You see, although you are in a different body; your body feels good behind what you have done for this person. Every-time this person see’s you, a smile is offered in reminder for the charity or gift given. Doesn’t our bodies (neighbors) treat us in the good manner when healthy foods are in-taken and the like? A lot of as children were told to eat our vegetables, and there were reasons for this.

Body: Thank you so much for reading this great book to me.

Soul: Smiles in return.

We can really help the economy by relying on each other more, since we are cells in a huge body of earth. If the cells are not co-operating with one another; then, the body hurts. We, as in the body have no other choice but to be of service to one another, or reap the benefits because the disease has it’s own agenda.

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