Traveling is a fantastic way to take a break, and who needs a break more than individuals investing their time in the fast speed holiday season and preparation? Travelers have the chance to see entirely new places, learn about brand new cultures and see the world from a different perspective, easing their mind and reflecting on the locations they travel to.

Many people also want to be pampered when they go on vacation. Travelers who are looking for luxury travel will find many places across the globe where they can do just that. Take a look at these six luxury destinations and get ready to plan your next pampering trip!

New York City, U.S.

Home to more than seven million people, New York City is also one of the world’s premier luxury destinations. Travelers here can walk through Central Park, sample world-class dining at four-star restaurants like The Four Seasons and get front row seats for a Tony award-winning Broadway show.

New York City is also home to many luxurious spas where travelers can spend an entire day in the expert hands of skilled masseurs. Whether you are looking for spas that offer unique skin care treatments to whisp away the cold weather which has recently entered your life, or looking for a location to simply spend the day reviving your body and mind, be sure to check out this gem of a city and experience luxury like you have never before!

Monte Verde, Costa Rica

This Central American destination was dubbed the rich coast by the region’s first European explorers. Today, this amazing place offers many riches to those who come here.

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The region is a crossroads for migrating wildlife of all sorts, allowing tourists to view many diverse species such as butterflies in their native habitat.

After a day spent walking through the Monteverde Cloud Forest, luxury travelers can retreat to one of the area’s many world-class hotels.

Boston, U.S.

One of the oldest cities in America, Boston is an ideal destination for the traveler in search of relaxing luxury. Here, the visitor will find many upscale hotels with delightful amenities. Dining should be at the top of the list, like Mario Batali’s new restaurant.

A stay at the newly updated The Hotel Commonwealth allows travelers to stretch out in luxurious comfort in personal suites while still being able to stay in the very heart of the city.

Venice, Italy

Quaint and ancient and yet entirely modern in many ways, Venice is an ideal destination for those looking for adventure and romance in a jewel-like setting.

The city’s many small bridges and islands offer picture perfect views from every angle. Small shops offer people the chance to view artists and artisans as they create one of the region’s many sought after items such as elegant masks and paintings made up of many tiny mosaic tiles.

After spending the day walking through hidden alleys and exploring Venice’s many canal front museums, most travelers are grateful to head to a Venetian luxury hotel such as The Gritti Palace or the Hotel Danieli.

San Francisco, U.S.

The city of hills is a thriving center of commerce and industry as well as a place that has many attractions for the traveler who loves to shop and dine.

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This west coast gem is also an American original, unlike many other places on the planet. Travelers can visit exotic destinations such as the once foreboding Alcatraz prison, tour charming Ghirardelli Square in the center of the city, to taste freshly made chocolate and then take a cable car right back home.

San Francisco is also home to some of the best hotels anywhere in the United States.

Tokyo, Japan

One of Asia’s must-see cities, Tokyo has a long history as Japan’s leading city as well as one of the world’s most delightful places.

The city sprawls across many acres and miles. Travelers will find this city has many small districts, creating the feel of multiple towns within the much larger region. The city also has many places to sample world-renowned native Japanese cuisine, including freshly caught toro tuna slices and other rare delicacies at the Tsujiki Fish Market.

Other regional attractions include Tokyo Disneyland, the Imperial Palace and the awe-inspiring Meiji Shinto Shrine. Luxury travelers can bring home souvenirs for their loved ones back home that include hand-picked, perfectly ripe fruit from one of many fashionable grocers and the newest in anime from the city’s much admired local artists.

With so many luxurious places around the world to choose from, there’s a destination out there for everyone! Don’t let the holiday craziness bog you down. Take a deeper look into these cities of luxury and enjoy your holidays like you have always dreamed of!

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