Magneto Electric Skateboard: Complete Review

Traveling from one place to another especially for teenagers is a big problem. Not every teenager wants to get a car, some like to keep it in style and make it better according to the look they carry. I mean wouldn’t you find it weird if a hip teenager that is all up in style wants to get a scooter to go from one place to another? Of course! For hip teenagers that have a persona of their own, there are gadgets that suit just their style and one of those amazing gadgets is going to be reviewed by us. Today, we’ll be reviewing the Electric Skateboard by Magneto in depth.

Look and Feel

When looking at the word ‘electronic’ with anything these days, the first thing that comes to question is the durability of the product. The durability is one thing which is somehow always degraded in every new product and this goes for every tech company out there. However, Magneto cares for durability which is why it has provided its customers with the amazing Electric Skateboard made from top quality premium materials. The deck is made up of rock hard Canadian Maple and it is also fitted with aluminum oxide tape which acts like the cherry on top for the product. The bearings are ABCE-9 Chrome Steel making sure they never have a scratch on them and perform well at all times. With High Rebound PU Wheels for better performance, this is one product you should never miss out on. Get it easy and better with Magneto.


If there’s one thing that the Electric Skateboard from Magneto comes with, it’s sheer control. The amazing Magneto Electric Skateboard comes with regenerative braking. This means that each break allows you to steadily stop and expect no problems at all. High Rebound PU Wheels with ABEC-11 Hub Style makes it easy for you to relax and enjoy your skating experience with whatever the road throws at you. What’s the best thing about the Electric Skateboard? Well, that has to be the Powerful 1200W brushless motor delivering a smooth 30KPH which means that it isn’t just fast, it’s better than anything else that you’ll find in the market. With a durability strong enough to face any accident and controls that are as smooth as can be, there isn’t much that can be criticized in this product. It is literally too good to be true.

Customer Reviews

Like every other review, we don’t give up the product before we take on a lot of takes from the customers. We took reviews from different customers around the world that are currently using the Magneto Electric Skateboard and the result was surprisingly amazing! The only problems a few customers faced were solved after they got used to using the product. All in all, this product is something that you just can’t let go of once you have it in your hands.

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