For each and every one of us there comes the time when redecorating our current space is simply a must. Some of us want to inject a bit of excitement into their monotonous space while others are redecorating for the purpose of removing all the worn out furniture and other interior pieces.

The thing with redecorating is that we already have a basis, a current space and we need to find a way to incorporate our new idea and vision into what’s already there. And for someone with no budget limit, this is no fuss but for most of us spending hundreds of dollars on new furniture is simply not an option. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to give up the whole redecorating idea. It only means you should let your creative side loose and go DIY on your home décor to take your apartment from shabby to chic.

Before deciding what you’ll do with the place, know this – the piece of furniture that fits right into your home’s décor and feel is the right piece for you. Apart from only looking good and fitting in with the space it also needs to be practical and serve the purpose. You want a sofa that looks great but uses up little space. You need a set of chairs and a table with specific dimensions and are in accordance with your height.

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Get creative and instead of spending a bunch of money on buying new pieces, make them yourself.

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Slick Sofa

A comfortable sofa isn’t really a piece of furniture that’s out of your reach. The way to go DIY on it is to find two wooden pallets, put them together and buy some cushions to place on top of them. For a sense of cohesion add a third pallet to serve as a table next to the sofa. To glam it up, add a piece of glass on top of your new coffee table. The whole piece not only looks great but is affordable too!

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Book shelf

Making a shelf is the easiest way to add a sense of riches to your space. Additionally, a shelf is incredibly easy to make – you need is a wooden board, anchors, washers and some drywall screws. Truth is it will look a bit ordinary. If you want it looking more special, try making it with plastic crates. Plastic crates are modular in essence and they look pretty amazing. You can arrange them any way you like.

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Storage units

For any place to be functional, it needs storage units. And even though a concept of storage is often associated with dusty spaces with a bunch of unnecessary clutter, storage units may as well look stylish and gorgeous.

You’ve got three options you may resort to – wood, plastic, cardboard boxes.


If you are a crafty person who enjoys building wooden things, then go for it. Create storage units that will fit your current home style. You are not expected to build an entire furniture set, but rather interesting two or three storage units that will serve the purpose. All you need is wood, glue, screwdrivers and you are set!

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Plastic crates may be just the right option to play storage units. When you think about it, they’re already built in a shape of storage containers so all it takes for them to actually look like pieces of furniture is something to put them together and firm enough not to break. You may use plastic pallets to build a shelf-divider for your open floor concept. You may build it tall floor-to-ceiling or keep it of medium height.

Cardboard boxes

For tinier and more delicate things that need storing, old shoe boxes are a great storage option. To make them look expensive and to adopt them to your current home look, buy wrapping paper and glue to wrap them. Place them randomly around the house – on a shelf, on a surface that seems empty, or any other place you see fit. They will serve as great decorative elements, too.

When redecorating a home while being on a budget, your creativity and resourcefulness are what you should most rely on and make a good use out of them!

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