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make your home more dog-friendlyGetting a dog is an undeniably major commitment, but one that can enrich your life in innumerable ways. However, what many new dog owners quickly discover when they bring Fido home from the pet store or pound is that their home isn’t quite as pet-friendly as they’d hoped. Instead of poring over real estate listings for a more canine-compatible home, making just a few adjustments to your existing space can make both you and your furry friend more comfortable in no time. Discover how to make your home more dog-friendly and make it the perfect place for you and your pet with these easy tips:

Make Your Home More Dog-Friendly

make your home more dog-friendly

Make space for your pooch in most rooms:

The idea of bringing home a pristine new couch or rug only to have your dog immediately roll all over it can cause even the least persnickety pet owner to break out in a cold sweat. Keeping your pet off your furnishings can be tricky, but it becomes a much easier endeavor when you have dedicated space that they can relax on. A pet bed is a great way to keep your pooch off your bed at night and large floor pillows in your living room can provide a stylish space where Fido — or your friends – can relax.

Add some baby gates for off-limits areas:

Instead of perpetually escorting your dog out of rooms you’re not eager to have them hang out in, try installing baby gates. Unlike many pet gates that are cumbersome, unattractive, and easily toppled by larger dogs, baby gates can be pressure mounted or screwed into your door-frames for added safety, and many have swinging doors that make it easy to pass through.

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Create a dedicated feeding station:

While dumping out some kibble and water in dishes on your kitchen floor may seem convenient, at the end of the day, it’s a recipe for a messy home. Create a cute dedicated feeding station for your pooch by placing skid-proof bowls on a vintage tray with an upturned lip — this will help maintain your home’s aesthetic while keeping your dog from knocking the bowl onto your floor when they’ve polished off their meal.

Re-purpose an item of clothing for your four-legged friend:

There are few things your dog loves more than spending time with you, so why not make the hours you’re apart more bearable for him or her? Re-purposing an old item of clothing, like a gym t-shirt or pair of jeans, by turning it into a pillow or liner for your dog’s bed can help keep your pooch feel relaxed and confident that you’ll be home soon.

Add some toy storage:

Like many parents to human children, dog owners often delude themselves into believing their house won’t become overrun with toys and treats. Unfortunately, all those ropes and rawhide bones left out can really put a damper on your décor scheme after a while, not to mention being a major trip hazard. Getting some toy storage, whether that means a plastic bin for under your bed or a vintage toy box, can keep your home clutter-free.

Fence off your yard:

If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space attached to your home, make it a perfect place for your pup to play by adding some wrap-around fencing. Creating a fenced-in yard will mean that you can leave your pup outside during the day without worrying that he or she will head for the street, and it makes it easier than ever to get your pooch plenty of exercise and outdoor time, whether you’re playing fetch together, chasing each other around the yard, or simply lounging outside on a sunny summer day. Just make sure that your fence is staked deeply into the ground before you give your pup free rein of the yard; dogs are natural diggers, so anything that’s not at least a foot below the top of the soil will quickly be uprooted by your dog, making your yard less safe and a whole lot less presentable.

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Add a doggy door:

While it might not be possible to put one on every home — we’re looking at you, apartments — adding a doggy door to your house can make a big difference in your pet’s happiness and health. Instead of always having to wait for you to come home to go outside, a doggy door allows your pet to use the facilities when they please and enables them to get sufficient exercise when they feel so inclined.

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