It is obvious that the holiday season, apart from being a religious festival, brings its commercial side and with it a significant increase in sales of all types of products and services. Although, the ideal move is to develop any kind of special campaign at least one month in advance, if you act fast, there is still some time to develop a nice holiday campaign and promote your business.

Marketing strategies that can promote your business during holidays by and free gifts

You may offer a gift with every purchase over $ xx (complete figure according to the specifics of your business) or offer a discount in delivery with every purchase. Do not forget to use email and send your list of subscribers a special offer or discount. You can also offer a special service bundles to your customers during the holidays. Make doing business with you as easy and pleasant as possible.

Reach out to people

Make a themed party with gift coupons and free samples of some products, or an insight/demo of your services. Start a gift referral club with other like-minded traders. If a customer is looking for something that you do not have, send/trade with a friend who has what you want. The other dealer will return the favor in due time. If you have a website, it would be nice to do a themed contest to attract new customers.

Work with charity

Offer discounts to each person who brings in a used toy (or clothes or nonperishable food). For online shoppers, add a button to make donations. Not only will this attract new customers but will give good publicity to your company, too.

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Marketing strategies that can promote your business during holidays by help

Give for free a small report with tips for Christmas shopping or table decorations, etc. with every purchase and send your list of subscribers a newsletter with well stocked gift ideas. Make sure that everything works fine on your site and that everything is updated. Add a special Christmas section, for example, a gift ideas section. Many people need help with choosing gifts. Make sure you have ready gift certificates and coupons.

Marketing strategies that can promote your business during holidays by your keywords

You can use the PPC (pay per click) campaign for your holidays, which would give a big boost and get results quickly to help your holiday campaign. First, think about your audience and how they could find your brand. Use keywords related to your brand. When creating your ad, think about what is going through the minds of your audience. Are they looking for gifts for the family, colleagues or last-minute gifts? Create your ad with your audience in mind, and design the advertising message that makes sense to them and captures their attention while they are in the euphoria of the holiday season.

Consider planning an event

Using an event to expand the scope of your audience is a target that you should have. When planning an event, attendees can tweet about it with the hashtag of the event. With this hashtag, you can promote other parts of your campaign, including your offers. People who attended your event and their social followers are more likely to see the campaign hashtag and recommend it. Therefore, the merger of your online and offline strategy presents a great advantage if they work together to achieve your goals. There is no such thing as too much marketing, so you could give out personalized water bottles with your logo on them during the event. This can contribute significantly to the overall impression of your business.

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It is clear that December is a little late to start implementing your promotional tactics, but it is not impossible. If you are already behind on your marketing plans at the end of the year, take some time to think and analyze all your possibilities so that you can make holiday marketing successful.

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