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maximize space in your small bathroomWhere do you go to relax after a hard day or when you just want to treat yourself? You head to the bath, of course! There’s nothing like a relaxing bath or refreshing shower to get you started on the road to total bliss. Break out the bath salts, masks, body washes and scrubs for a respite from your everyday cares. We all know that wellness starts at home, and the one room in your house that gets the most self-care traffic is undoubtedly your bathroom. But a cluttered, disorganized one might cause more stress than not. This is especially true in a small bathroom. Not all of us can live in the luxury and spacious confines of some of the best residences in the world like 181 Fremont in San Francisco or 1010 Park Avenue in New York City and have to find creative solutions to storage.

So before you light the candles and pour out the essential oils to create an at-home spa, take some time to tidy up and make sure that everything is in its place. Here are some of our favorite tips to maximize the space in your sanctuary.

Tips to Maximize Space in

Your Small Bathroom

maximize space in your small bathroom

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

While it’s hard to redo a whole bathroom to add a few extra inches of space, you can make an economical move and upgrade your mirror to a larger size. A big mirror gives the illusion that a space is more significant than it is and reflects more light adding a brighter vibe to your small area. Experts recommend a mirror to extend the visual sight lines too. You’ll see this design in luxury buildings like the Skyline Tower in Long Island City, NYC where the mirrors reflect the stunning city views of the windows. Plus who doesn’t love a bigger area to get a full-body shot of your outfit before you go out or to make sure that sunscreen is evenly applied? And some mirrors come with built-in storage which leads us to …

Storage, Storage On the Wall, Too

When you have a smaller bathroom, you’ll want to think vertically. There is lots of DIY shelving that you can find at most stores. A shelf above the door offers an elegant solution for towel and linen storage too. Whatever you decide, these units are easy to hang and add lots of extra square footage to maximize your bathroom storage. Don’t forget shelves can also be used for decorating too. A well-placed candle or gorgeously arranged bouquet of flowers makes your bathroom feel special no matter what the size.

Don’t Be A Basket Case—Get Baskets

Having proper shelving is a waste if you don’t have the proper containers in which to organize your things. Shallow baskets and trays are the perfect way to make sure that all of the items you need are easily accessible. Trays are also a good landing pad for the items that seem to travel all over your sink. Cluster toiletries by use or by a household member. And as a bonus, these trays will contain the minor spills that happen in every bathroom. It’s much easier to wipe out a tray that clean the floor when that bottle of mouthwash tips over.

Under the Sink

This basket method can be utilized under the sink too, although you’ll want to get deeper ones to store items that you might not use all of the time. To really up your organizing game, buy a few in-cabinet shelving units. These some in all types of materials from plastic to metal to wood. They make storing  and then finding the hair dryer or the curling iron simple. Many of them have drawers too perfect for toilet paper and other sundries you need for your bathroom, like those lavender bath bombs that make a world of difference. World-renown design studio Champalimaud uses the under-the-sink technique to great effect  at The Kent in Manhattan where they designed open shelving right under the sinks that serve as a display and storage for beautiful towels or whatever you’d like.

Hook It Up

Need space for your clothes, towels, and jewelry? Hook up your bathroom and add some hooks to your walls. Hooks are an age-old solution to store random items that might not be suited for the container, baskets, or shelves we talked about earlier. Hardware stores and antique shops always have these utilitarian miracle workers around, so you’ll be able to find the right style that fits with your bathroom. Plus, a gallery curated from a selection of your best jewelry hung from hooks makes an elegant and artistic statement.

Be Magnetic

You might not think of magnets as something you’d want in your bathroom. But think of all of the small metal items you use all of the time that are often difficult to find and sometimes dangerous to dig through a container while you’re looking for them (we’re looking at you, scissors) install magnetic strips on the back of your cabinet doors. You can buy an adhesive one or up the game and purchase one that’s made for holding knives then stick your scissors, bobby pins, nail clippers, and even some covered razors on it.

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