Mcleodganj, is one of the finest places to spend a relaxing holiday. It is home to Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Government in Exile. Additionally, it is also a place with high religious significance. Simply head to this quaint tourist destination and choose accommodations from the best hotels in Mcleodganj.

Due to its recently earned religious significance, Mcleodganj finds a major spot in the itineraries of many domestic tourists as well as tourists from overseas. It is one of the most visited places in India’s Northern regions and is also an interesting place pulling the attraction of the entire nation. It is so because the place is providing home to the Tibetan Government in Exile and is also the home to the religious leader of Buddhists, Dalai Lama. The city was famous before the arrival of Dalai Lama, but after the spiritual leader came to the place, Mcleodganj became prominent to the whole world. Today, the city is one of best places to learn more about the Buddhist religion, culture, and people. The place is flocked by thousands of Tibetans and is also home to thousands of students from other parts of India, who are learning Buddhism.

Other than being a significant place for Buddhism, the place, especially the areas surrounding it namely Dharamshala, is also a revered religious site for the Hindus. There are several Hindu temples of high reverence patching the small plains and the verdant hills of the Dharamshala.

When in Dharamshala, a place that is a must visit is the Tsung la Khang. The monastery is a beautiful structure and is the very life-blood of the hill city. Also referred as the Temple of Dalai Lama the structure is home to the Namgyal Monastery and contains many shrine rooms. It is one of the most known places to visit in Mcleodganj. The main office and residence of Dalai lama’s are adjacent to the monastery. Besides, there are several offices adjacent to his office.

An interesting fact to know, the monastery is home to beautiful statues of Gautama Buddha and two more other statutes, namely statues of Guru Rinpoche and Chenresig. Some of the parts of these statues were actually brought from Tibet. All these statues are kept in the largest-main shrine. The temple remains busy with tourists and devotees year-long. Worshiping and services are held daily. One will see the lamas, monks, and nuns praying and worshiping the lord all the time throughout the year.

Additionally, there also exists a long meditation trail in the surrounding of the temple. It is called LingKhor and consists of stupas, shrines, and chorten. Thousands of Buddhist prayer flags keep these shrines covered, which were placed by the devotees visiting the temple. The good thing is that the temple is in the vicinity to the main square of the city, and hence is also well-connected to many Mcleodganj hotels.

There are certain other religious sites in Mcleodganj. The most revered ones include Masroor temple, Tushita Meditation Centre (it is more of a Buddhist learning centre than a religious site), Bhagsunath temple, Dharamkot, and Namgyalma Stupa. All of these are the places where one can spiritually heal himself/herself. Besides, the locations of these religious sites are also very ideal. One can see and relish the most magnificent views of the hilly region from many of these religious sites.

In short, Mcleodganj is one of the finest destinations to spend a relaxing-memorable holiday. Filled with religious as well as leisure tourism attractions, the destination is an excellent holiday spot for all.

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