Yes there is a great link since joint pain and menopause are both symptoms of aging. They can both be reduced through similar ways making it easy to reduce aging. Joint pain is caused by menopausal arthritis, fractured joints and lack of exercise. Menopause is caused by aging where you have to forget your menstrual cycle forever. Menopause is natural and a must to all the only challenge is how to deal with menopause signs. Joint pain, hot flushes, mood swings, blood pressure, poor appetite is some of the symptoms of menopause whereby you need a lot of care in order to finish this stage at peace and in good health.

Why does menopause cause joint pain?

In case of excess joint pain use a joint soother. According a study in relation to menopause there must be an association with joint pain. The mostly affected joints are hip joint, knee joint, the wrist and elbow joint. Estrogen is responsible for maintaining both muscle and joint health and as one increases in age the level of estrogen reduces. This causes weakening and poor performance of joints leading excess and consistent joint pains. Once estrogen begins to lack in the body it cause dehydration in the body hence inflammation of the joints occur.

How to deal with Menopause symptoms

  • Eat healthy

A balanced diet with excess of vegetables helps to boost estrogen levels hence reducing joint inflammation and joint pain. Avoid junk meals, sugary products, alcohol, cigarettes, and soft drinks. A healthy meal always helps in reducing menopause symptoms causing mood swings and hot flashes making the body feel refreshed. You can also deal with hot flashes by conducting slow deep breaths and you will feel relieved. Take foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids they help boosting the general health hence preventing weakling and loss of appetite. The omega 3 fatty acids can be obtained from fish.

  • Exercise

You may think that since you have joint pain you have a great reason as to why you should avoid exercise. You are certainly wrong in that when you stay immobile the more the joint pain will be. Before taking any exercise apply a joint soother in case of pain so that you can perform the exercise with peace of mind. During the exercise you will notice that the mood swings reduces and you have less joint pains. The joints are able to produce estrogen during the exercise hence improving their performance. The body immunity also improves reducing other menopause symptoms such as blood pressure and diabetes.

  • Give your body help

Due to menopause there are so many changes that occur affecting your sex life. The hormones that secrete vaginal discharge during sex get weak and stop producing hence causing pain during coitus. You can use vaginal moisturizer or water based vaginal lubricants that will help ease the pain hence allow you to have an easy time. In case the lubricants do not work for you, see a doctor who will prescribe some pills for you. A certain study revealed that coitus allows proper blood circulation leaving the body relaxed.

  • Avoid drugs and alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol will do you no good since instead of relieving joint pain it increases making the joint pains more chronic. The smoking also triggers the menopause supplements instead of reducing them. Keep off from alcohol and avoid smoking in order to have an easy time during the process of menopause.

  • Sleep enough

Enough sleep is a solution to many health problems. This is because the mind is relaxed giving the body time to also reconcile with its hormones. Enough sleep also enables you to start the following day afresh hence being able to control mood swings and maintain a good mood. Proper blood circulation occurs and also leads to enhancing a normal blood pressure and also improving the body immunity.


Menopause being natural does not give room to entertain its symptoms. There is no harm is trying to fight them since with or without the symptoms menopause has to occur. It is possible to go through the whole process of menopause without a single joint pain or any serious health problem. By following all the above solutions used to deal with menopause symptoms you will be at peace during menopause all you will notice is loss of your menstrual cycle. The key to good health is proper care while feeding which leads to a peace of mind success.

Menopause and Body Changes – What You Need to Know



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