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It happens to even those of us who are severely resistant to change: after a few years with the same design scheme, our home starts looking boring, outdated, and generally lackluster. In fact, we start seeing flaws everywhere we look in our home, from those dingy old countertops to the bad lighting to that hideous wall-to-wall carpeting we’ve been dying to pull up for years. Fortunately, even if you’re finding fault in almost everything about your existing design scheme, there’s hope yet. With a few relatively simple changes to your space, you can turn your home from a 1 to a 10, making yourself happier to retire to it day after day.

The Best Home Décor Hacks For

Modernizing Your Home

Implement some storage space

For many people, especially those living in urban areas, storage space is at a premium. As such, it means that many people find themselves living amidst an obscene amount of clutter with nowhere to put it. And while those lucky enough to live in luxury buildings that offer storage space, like Manhattan’s 70 Charlton, can enjoy a place to put all that excess right inside their building, for the rest of us, it means getting creative. Fortunately, there are ample stylish solutions to your storage conundrums. While cube storage can give some respite for children’s rooms, if you’re looking for a more grown-up option, there are plenty of easy ways to achieve the look you’re going for. Storage furniture, like ottomans, benches, and bed frames with drawers, can easily hide your home’s clutter without making it look like a teenager lives there. And if you’re up for a more time- and labor-intensive project, adding some built-in bookcases to your space can solve your storage solutions in an elegant way.

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Lighten up your window treatments

While heavy, ornate window treatments may have been every interior designer’s preference in the ‘80s and ‘90s, if you want to completely change the look of your home, it’s time to bring those brocade curtains down. Luckily, you can still keep those curtain rods and finials you loved from your own set. Just replace the heavy, light-blocking curtains for sheer panels instead and your home will be a brighter, more welcoming space in a hurry. And if you want to make your rooms look instantly taller and larger, take a page from the San Francisco luxury homes at 181 Fremont, which offer floor-to-ceiling windows and complementary full-length window treatments, making the building’s already soaring ceiling heights seem even higher.

Add some sleek cabinetry

One of the easiest ways to make a home feel dated and stuffy is to keep outdated cabinetry in the kitchen. While those plain wood cabinets may have been the height of sophistication back in the ‘70s, if you want to update your space, a kitchen makeover is a great place to start. If you’re looking for inspiration, consider the elegant kitchens at 277 Fifth: the building’s luxury residences are home to sleek wood and white lacquer cabinetry, which complement almost any design scheme. And while modernizing your kitchen can make any space seem more elegant, it’s especially important to update your cabinetry if you have an open concept home: those dated cabinets abutting a more modern or expertly designed room can make your entire space feel disjointed. Luckily, even if you don’t have a ton of cash to spend on upgrades, there’s an easy fix: some paint can completely transform the look of your cabinetry, while adding some new hardware, like brushed nickel or brass knobs and drawer pulls, can make your kitchen look brand new.

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Update your flooring

That skinny, short plank-flooring your house came with likely hasn’t worn well with age. In fact, something as simple as bad flooring can make a whole house look worse for wear. And while completely ripping out your floors and starting from scratch can certainly make your space look better, it’s a massive undertaking to do so. If you want to upgrade your flooring easily and affordably, there are two simple ways to go about it. First, you can always opt for large area rugs to cover any portions of your floor that could use some help. Secondly, you can sand down those dingy floors and update their look with a new stain; going lighter or darker, depending on your preferred décor, can completely change the look of your space.

Modernize your lighting

That track lighting your home came with isn’t doing you any favors. If you want to make your space look like a million bucks, take down that old track lighting and opt for something similar to Miami’s Una Residences instead. Rather than using bulky, outdated-looking track or tin can lighting, the homes maximize natural light and use elegant, modern pendant lighting to brighten up central spaces, like the dining area. And fortunately for the eco-conscious, a single pendant light uses significantly less energy than traditional track lighting, too.

You don’t need to uproot your life and endure long and expensive renovations to get the stylish home you want. Armed with these simple home décor hacks, you can refresh your interior design scheme, modernize your space, and find yourself falling in love with your home all over again. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get decorating!

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