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the mommy makeoverHaving kids does things to you. There is something about the sleep deprived new born stages that then turns into the “you better not sit down” toddler days that can have you feeling like less of the woman you were before you had kids.

Yes, we know that change is inevitable. Yes, most of those changes have made you a better mom, wife, and friend. That doesn’t mean you won’t miss the you that turned heads when you walk down the street. There is nothing wrong with that. Which is why the Mommy Makeover option is so appealing.

The Mommy Makeover

the mommy makeover

The Diet Option

Before you jump into something so drastic as the Mommy Makeover, take a look at your diet. Breast-feeding makes you crave things almost as bad as pregnancy. While they say breast feeding can help you lose weight, it isn’t the case for everyone.

Eating a diet high in fiber will help you to stay full longer. Staying away from carbs, like breads and pastas can help your body to burn energy from stored fat. Yes, we have all heard it before. To make it more simple, think about what your food goes through before you get it. The more things that has been done to it, or the longer shelf life it has, can mean it is less healthy for you. The best diets include less processed foods, which usually have a shorter shelf life.

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Dieting doesn’t always seem to make it better. It is a great start. It is a smart idea to keep a food journal. A real food journal that even includes the handful of cheerios you sneaked out of your toddlers snack bag at the park. Sometimes when you realize what you are eating, you can change it.

Exercise?! When?

Having a baby seems to suck your time away. You may feel nervous about leaving the baby to go to the gym. You may get discouraged when you take the stroller out only to realize your baby wants to be held. Toddlers and preschool years have you too tired to workout. Doesn’t chasing them count? That is a workout, and you can get it in no time. Keep track of your exercise just like you do your diet. As long as your calories are being burned faster than they are being consumed, you will lose weight.

When its just not working

When you have done all the diets, added all the steps, and you just can’t cut the flab, don’t give up. There are other options for you. A mommy makeover can give you options based on your budget and what you need. You can get a consultation and decide what is really within your vision for yourself. There is nothing worse than getting your expectations dashed by reality. You can keep that from happening. An honest talk with a real doctor can help you to decide what is really important to you. It can also help you to find the woman you have locked inside in the mirror again.

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