Mumbai is one of the largest and most commercialized cities in India. The city is the capital of the Maharashtra and is major contributor to India’s economy. Meanwhile, the city is also a popular holiday destination that is brimming with attractions and allures. Visit the city to explore all its aspects, and for accommodation, choose from the best hotels in Mumbai

Mumbai is largely known as the capital of the Maharashtra state and as the prime commerce city in India. Located on the west coast of India, the city originally is an accumulation of seven islands, which were combined by the British under the project Hornby Vellard. It is also during the same time frame that the city grew as an important port city and a prime center of commerce and education. It were the Britishers who basically popularized the Bombay state. Bombay is the former name of the city that was given by the Portuguese. The word Bombay was derived from Bom Bhaiya that means “beautiful bay”.

Before the region came under the reign of the British, it were the Portuguese who were in power of the islands and the regions around. They were the first Europeans to colonize the region. Thus, making it one of the places on Indian mainland that received the earliest colonization. Later, it was at the occasion of the marriage between Princess Catherine de Braganza of Portugal and the King Charles II of England, that the city was given as a dowry to the British. Before the influx of the Portuguese explorers, the islands were basically inhabited by the fishermen villages.

Following the independence of the country, after the Samyukta Maharashtra movement the city was included in the newly formed state of Maharashtra, and was declared the capital of it. It is after that the city saw a significant rise in its political and judicial importance. In the following years the city then hosted a number of diplomat sessions of Indian National Congress. It was in the year 1996 when the city’s name was changed to Mumbai from Bombay. The name “Mumbai” is based on the reference of Mumba Devi, who is a highly revered local goddess. There exists a temple of her in the city, and often remains flocked by visitors.

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The contemporary Mumbai is the representation of all the progress that the nation has made. The city is today the richest city in India and accounts for 6.16 percentage of the total GDP of India. It is the prime commercial hub of India, and thus is often termed as the “Commercial Capital of India”. From housing the chief financial institutions, top Information Technology companies, large MNCs, biggest automobile industries, to the most profitable India companies, the city is the host of a large mass of companies and industries.

Additionally, the city is also home to the Mumbai University, which is one of the most renowned universities in the world and has a number of colleges affiliated under it. Mumbai has the largest number of billionaires and millionaires, and was also named as the World Alpha City.

Meanwhile, Mumbai is a vibrant city and is always in action. The city is one of the largest cities in India, and is also home to a large population. Every year the city sees a large influx of people, which has made the city vibrant. Mumbai owes to its denizens for its rich culture. Its culture is a melting pot of people who have come to the city from different parts of India, and have different religions, cultures, traditions, color, creed, and others. The large influx of people in the city is due to the fact that the city is a hub of excellent work opportunities, education, and healthcare, etc. Thus, making the city one of the most culturally rich cities in the country.

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Furthermore, the city is known to experience a pleasant weather throughout a year. The temperature at the peak summer season usually goes to 36 degree C. Whereas, the lowest temperature in the city during the peak winter season is generally around 14 degree C. Summer arrives in the month of April and stays till June. Monsoon brings good rainfall in the city, making the surrounding clean and charming. The most advised time for Mumbai tour is December to February.

Meanwhile, accessing Mumbai is an easy affair. Being one of the most commercialized, developed cities, Mumbai shares excellent connectivity to all prime Indian cities and the chief destinations across the world. There are frequent and direct Mumbai to Delhi flights. Plus, number of flights to Kolkata, Goa, Bangalore, Chandigarh, and Jaipur, etc. Other than that, the Mumbai railway station is one of the prime railway junctions in the southern-western railway network, and is served by frequent trains.

A couple of the significant places to visit in Mumbai that are not to be missed include: Bandra Worli Sea Link, Marine Drive, Juhu Beach, Gateway of India, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Chowpatty Beach, Haji Ali Dargah, Siddhivinayak Temple, Elephanta Island, Iskcon Temple, Linking road, Esselworld & Water Kingdom, Water Kingdom, Film City, Kanheri caves, Mumbai Zoo, Nehru Planetarium, Hanging Gardens, etc. The good thing is that there exist a number of good hotels in Mumbai that are situated close to the prime tourist attractions.

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