Feeling a little bit under the weather for some time now? You have not left the house except for work or contacted your friends in weeks now? Those might be good signs of depression, and it is something that can take you a while to get out of. However, if you own any kind of a pet, especially a dog or a cat, they can help you overcome it more easily, and here are several reasons why this is the case.

Pets Change Our Mood

How many times have you arrived home sad or angry, and all you wanted was to curl up in your bed and not leave it ever again? And better yet, how many times have you completely forgot about it when you saw your pet’s adorable eyes, looking at you with such joy? If you left the house for an hour or few days, it does not matter to them – they are always so happy to see you that they jump, bark or run in circles around the room. When you see that you brought such happiness in someone’s life, it distracts you from everything else. You fall down on your knees, a broad smile appears on your face and you two start playing and cuddling. There is no better therapy.

They Love Us No Matter What

Of course, you love your family members and close friends, but from time to time you are bound to disagree about something and get into a fight. This might bring you down, especially if you live with a person you quarreled with, the situation gets extremely awkward as you might feel that you have no one to talk to in your own home. But that is not really true, is it? You have your loving companion, that never judges, never asks additional questions or gives bad advices. Dogs can feel that their owner is feeling down, and all they have to do is sit in your lap, lick their hand or face a couple of times, and your mood already improves. You hug him, tell him all about your troubles and he will listen without interrupting or criticizing.

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They Make Us Feel Responsible

If you own a pet, it teaches you some responsibility, that proved to have positive effect on the mood, because it makes you feel important and proud of yourself, especially if you are doing a great job. It might seem like a bore, but feeding, grooming and taking your pet for a walk will definitely make you will feel important, because someone depends on you. Imagine the welcoming of a shared meal, especially when your pet is a kitty or a dog. Dogs especially love to help out with your leftovers in such a rewarding manner. And in return, we should take the best care of their physical health. Some products are to be used from time to time and are not too pricey, from plaque removers, over flea and tick prevention, to treating intestinal parasites (Milbemax offers great solutions for both cats and dogs). It’s another set of responsibility we should not take so lightly, as we are giving back to our dearest four-legged friends.

Take A Walk With Your Pet

When people get depressed, they tend to lock themselves in their homes and sit in front of the TV the entire day. If you have a dog that requires daily walk, it might just make you leave the house, and by making it your daily routine, it will banish that dark cloud that was over your head.

In the end, the most important thing when owning a pet is that you are never really alone. You might not have a roommate, boyfriend or your family might live in another town, but in spite of all that, you will never truly be alone, as that little animal is always there with you, for better or for worse.

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