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The idea of perfection is rarely looked at in a broader scope–taking us to places we have already been, but have never seen. Let me explain: the person that says: “Ohhh, I have never looked at it that way before,” has finally seen something, a place, a feeling that has always been there but not observed. Let me ask you: “what is perfection?” One can do a quick internet search to get plenty of definitions of perfection, but neither are perfect explanations and neither will I offer you one here. I will offer something else to you, a puzzle, an idea which I’d like to call perfecting perfect perfection.

Perfecting Perfect Perfection?

Considering the idea of Godly perfection; it’s all-knowing, all-powerful ways of coping with itself and everything else—life must be awful for such a deity, for there would be nothing to do but boss around and command lesser beings. But wait! This is only our religious understanding of perfection, and it only applies to a God, or a Higher Being per se.

Can one be free from all flaws or defects? Thinking of this question reminds me so much of religious philosophy; mainly Jesus when he descended to hell for three days and arose. I am reminded of this story because of its philosophical importance of my question: “What in the Hell was he really doing there?” Forget for a minute about what you’ve been told. Of course there was something that needed accomplishing.

To be tempted by flaws or “devil’s” shows that more work is required to “oneself” because such a flaw or “devil” would not know that you exists to tempt you, to see you, to name you—showing us that there is something in the person that the flaw or devil has seen; identified itself with. So let’s ask again: “What in the Hell was he doing there?” Maybe we should refer to the title of this perfect article, perfecting its message of a perfection that is not seen, but hopefully we will soon.

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We did not descend here on earth just to blindly play patty-cake with flaws or “devils,” but to find them, which they could be a limited version of ourselves looking for a way out, to be noticed so that we could take our power back. Maybe this perfect article will soon give us an answer, or maybe not—It’s definitely hiding something from us I think. Maybe individually we are this Jesus we spoke of earlier—the tempted man—the man that had to die, and left some baggage in the hell realms for others to take on, on his way out. Who really cares anyway as the work is way too hard, and it is simply easier to believe in things and ideas, but Google has all the answers in the world.

Is the spirit perfect? If the spirit is perfect by Itself; then, why does it need a physical body to work? Perhaps our idea of perfection is tampered with, and this article will help me to become the savior for my salvation.

I don’t know about you, but babies are not born knowing what the word God is, or what it means. Babies are born with their own spirituality, which is something that we have yet to understand, soon we convert them to our way of understanding so that we can love them through own flaws or “demons.”

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There is a perfection that may not know it exists, because every-time it seems to incarnate into a physical body; it loses something, which leads to playing patty-cake once more, but there is a spark… a ladder within leading back to divinity. All of these religious leaders, corporations playing games with people’s money are stopping people from knowing this, but they are telling you the truth at the same time—perfection.

If we had a look at our beloved sun, moon and stars, could we classify them as a family? Something like the sun being male, moon female and the stars being the children… can we go there for a minute? Cool!

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Importance of Sun is bigger than vast, and even past religions have known this as Sun worship. Do some research and you will find plenty of Sun Gods: lowering at night (dying), rising in the morning (resurrecting), the morning star, the light of the world and more. Religions are not designed to brainwash, but to get people to think. Once religions become separated from one another, this is where the thinking stops, dictating begins and the school system starts. I’m just rambling here; sorry, as I am only perfecting this perfect perfection by understanding where it’s hiding. Really? No! But anyways, importance of the sun now lies in Christianity and it must have something to do with Consciousness, or being Awake as dying to one’s corrupted-ness is the main goal.

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Importance of Moon is bigger than vast as well, and religions were formed from this as well. First, there would be no light at night. The only way that we are able to wake up is through seeing in the dark. This may tell us that the moon was here first before the sun, because one needs to know oneself before a sun can manifest. The moon is the mother, as we previously assumed. The moon could be identified with our subconscious minds, and this is why it is extremely important for women to cover themselves in Islam—signifying HER, our subconscious minds that is hidden from us. Allah (A LOT) is simply HER, or the moon goddess.

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This one here, I will make up as I go. 🙂

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Without the stars there would be no children, nor life as life would have ended with “Atom and Evening.” Our sun is a star, right? The stars remind me of the Jewish Kabbalah, as the Sephiroth are like the stars, or the universe in which we must travel through to become a star ourselves, or something like that. 🙂

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