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medicine cabinet

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Whether you’re living with a handful of roommates in a not exactly elegant post-college apartment or starting a life with your significant other in a luxury condo, there’s one thing that can turn any otherwise pleasant living situation into a contentious one: cleaning. For some of us, cleaning means the yearly cursory vacuuming before guests come over for the holidays, while for others, it means a deep-clean of the whole place, from baseboards to ceilings, on a weekly basis.

However, what’s abundantly clear, no matter who you’re living with or where your home is, is that small rooms need the most TLC when it comes to cleaning. The bathroom is a particular source of ire in many homes, with cluttered medicine cabinets making it hard to find the things you need and making it easy to knock over a whole bunch of items you weren’t looking for in the first place. Before you start pulling your hair out because nothing seems to be where you left it, try these medicine cabinet organizing tricks that will give you peace of mind and more space in one fell swoop.

Tips For A Perfectly Organized

Medicine Cabinet

medicine cabinet

Put older products toward the front of the cabinet:

If you’re looking to make the most of the space in your medicine cabinet and get rid of medicines that are nearing their expiration date, organizing your cabinet in a way that prioritizes older products is the way to go. Much like in a supermarket, where milk with the expiration date approaching soonest is put at the front of the shelf, your medicine cabinet should have products with expiration dates, like makeup, creams, and prescriptions, arranged in chronological order. Put that cream you’ve had for six months at the front of the cabinet and the one you just impulse bought at Sephora over the weekend behind it; this way, you can make sure you’re prioritizing the use of products nearing their expiration date, saving yourself stress when you can ditch that empty container and clear up space.

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Put personal care products on lower shelves:

One of the biggest drawbacks to medicine cabinets is their lack of space and the clutter that it inevitably brings about. When removing something from an overcrowded medicine cabinet, there’s often a deluge of products that falls out, meaning that each time you brush your teeth or wash your face, you’re stuck with ten minutes of trying to reorganize your cabinet, too. If you want to make your life simpler and less stressful while making your medicine cabinet easier to navigate, simply put the personal care products that you use on a daily basis on the lowest shelves of your cabinet and arrange products you use less often, like nail clippers, makeup brush cleaners, and cuticle cream, on higher shelves so that you won’t need to waste your time reorganizing the cabinet each time you need to brush your teeth.

Add some baskets or drawers:

If your medicine cabinet has lower shelving that’s open, you can easily hide that clutter, better maintaining your sanity in the process, by adding some cute baskets in those open areas. Not only will the addition of baskets hide the hodgepodge of products you’re storing, it will also make it easier to organize your items and keep them from getting knocked off their shelves when you open the cabinet door.

Use color-coded tops for easily lost items:

If you’re always misplacing your aspirin or are constantly trying to find your face wash first thing in the morning, it’s high time you invested in an easier way to organize. Adding some color-coded washi tape or stickers to the tops of essential products can help you find them more easily, saving you time and stress and making it easier to grab the exact thing you’re looking for, and not one of the thirty things in front of it. Even better, for those with vision impairment, a color-coded system makes it far easier to find the things you’re looking for before you have your contacts in.

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Get smaller jars for the remainder of products:

Instead of keeping that enormous jar of face scrub in your cabinet when there’s only a pinch of the stuff left, invest in some mini jars to use in its place. This will mean you can recycle those nearly empty jars sooner, enjoying more space in your medicine cabinet and less stress in your life.

Your bathroom is supposed to be a place that’s not only clean, but a refuge from the rest of your world, and a messy medicine cabinet can ruin that tranquility in an instant. Luckily, restoring order is easier than you might think. With a few simple organizational tricks, you can make your bathroom the blissful sanctuary you want it to be, keeping your prescriptions and personal care items in better order, and keep the space clean and clutter-free. What are you waiting for? Happy organizing!

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