Port Blair is one of the most important cities in India. The fact that it is home to the Cellular Jail makes the city immensely significant in terms of Indian history. Plus, it is also home to the ruins and testaments of the British colonization. Meanwhile, the city also makes as an ideal destination for the honeymooners and nature buffs. Nature has been very grateful to the islands nearby and to Port Blair. Visit the city to explore various aspects of it. Plus also try using the lucrative Port Blair packages to best enjoy the holiday.

Port Blair is one historic city without which the description of India’s struggle for independence is simply incomplete. Though, the city today acts as the capital of the union territory of Andaman and Nicobar island group and is on the path to growth, however the city still clings to its British past. It is one of the best places in India to explore and learn more about the political history of the nation and the time that the country spent under the reign of British.

Walking through the decades old ruins of the British is an engrossing experience that leaves one with the memories that he will cherish for long. Ross Island is a small island in close proximity to Port Blair that is replete of the ruins and testaments from the British era. There are old bungalows, bakeries, churches, ballrooms, dungeons, and clubs etc. which are spread all over the island. The ghosts of the past does haunt the place, and they are best references to learn more about the time which the place served under the British.

Port Blair, on its part is home to the Cellular Jail which is one of the most infamous prisons in Indian history. The British used the jail to imprison the freedom fighters who spend the rest of the days taking the inhuman torture of the British. The Indians called Port Blair Kala Pani meaning black water for the fact that shore waters of the city got tinted with the blood of the prisoners. There were 698 solitary cells which were built to completely confine the prisoners in solitary.

However, the good thing is that after the independence of the country the jail was no longer used for imprisonment purposes. In fact, today the jail has been transformed into a museum that provides a glance at the life of the people who were imprisoned here. The jail turned museum is the most popular tourist attraction of the city and is included in every Port Blair packages.

Port Blair today is the largest and the capital city of the Andaman and Nicobar island group. It is also the gateway to rest of the state as it is the prime entry point. The city is slowly climbing steps towards modernization. However, the city is yet to accomplish lot to compete with other modern cities in India.

Other than attracting the tourist circuit with its historical attractions, the city is also bestowed by the best of nature. There exist multiple beautiful islands, of which many are still unexplored. The shores of these islands are blessed with perfect sun kissed beaches, and on the interiors these islands are capped with lush greenery. The island is perfect for bird watching, as there live 242 species of birds. Plus, there also abide 76 reptile species and 46 mammal species. The beautiful and tranquility replete beaches in Port Blair and the islands nearby bewitch honeymooners from all across India.

One could simply spent a lazy day at the beaches, or go swimming at the shore. Plus, snorkeling is one other popular activity amongst the tourists. Simply head to the city to explore the magnificent history and the irresistible natural allure that it is bestowed with. Meanwhile, using the lucrative tour packages like Port Blair honeymoon packages, is one smart way of exploring and relishing Port Blair tourism.

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