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As the trials and tribulations associated with the frantic pace of modern society take their inevitable toll on many of us, the need to reconnect with the simpler things in life is greater than ever before. How many times do we hear of family, friends and work colleagues being affected by stress and anxiety disorders, due to the having to find constant coping mechanisms as a result of a range of pressures placed upon us all today. Therefore we should look to our pasts – and engage with the most powerful of the naturally occurring elements – so as to help alleviate the everyday challenges of the present and potential meltdowns of our futures.

Do You Know Your Precious Metals

For Healing?

Certain Metals Work Wonders for Our Mind, Body and Soul

Precious metals have long played an integral part in our well-being and general mindfulness of ourselves and others, dating back deep into the mists of time; their spiritual healing and restorative powers equipping many of us with an inner calm, and ultimately guiding us to a place where we can find peace with oneself. This explains why generations have sought to decorate their bodies with symbols of precious metals and adorn our skins with jewellery and personal effects which reconnect us to the elements. To essentially let the light in and bare our souls to an unseen good.

While all this may sound a little new age and happy clappy to detractors, there are plenty of folk who benefit from coming into contact with either crystals and/or precious metals on various descriptions, and subsequently being rejuvenated by the exposure. All precious metals retain a unique vibrational quality and resonance all of their own, and all therefore possess the inherent ability to magnify our energies, broaden our intentions and enlighten our existing belief systems.

Is Steel a Precious Metal?

Of course there are metals and then there are metals; and not every type of (the latter) metals are necessarily soothing. Or come with the inbuilt appeal promoted by others and which effectively work to protect us and aid our emotional prosperity here and now. And that’s because some are classified as steel and as we all know steel doesn’t come sprinkled with the magic dust more keenly associated with gold, silver or copper, let’s say.

However, steel is incredibly versatile in its own right and is used in a cornucopia of applications, like for example pre-engineered steel building systems. Armstrong Steel will tell you all you’ll ever need to know about this branch of precious metal utilization if you’re in the market for a versatile building for commercial, agricultural or leisure use and you’re situated in or near to Colorado. You can visit their website at armstrongsteel.com if you’d like to look into their steel buildings.

Precious Metals Transcend the Laws of Physics

But back to the topic of THE most precious of metals and – perhaps unsurprisingly – gold is considered the master metal. Freely aligning with the sun and perpetually harmonizing with our crown chakras, gold supports all our positivity and an abundance of thoughts. Assertive and undeterred by outside influences, gold champions well-being, wealth and wisdom. Elsewhere silver aligns itself with the moon and is the metal most closely linked with emotions and sensitivity. As a reflective metal seeks to expand our psychic awareness and understanding and manifests calm, along with fostering a nurturing attitude. Copper meanwhile is in cahoots with Venus and therefore a magical metal and conduit of cosmic compassion and warmth.

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