“Prejudice, not being founded on reason, cannot be removed by argument.” ~ Anonymous

A mind is a mind, and show me that minds “race,” and you’ll find a social fiction, which you judges are not trained to think in such a way–her last argument before sentencing. Her charges were: misleading the public, public outrage due to not obeying citizen rights of free-thinking and choice, brainwashing, torture, public riots, outraged letters sent to public officials and more. What really happened?… This is what she taught.”

I’m Black, White, Spanish, Asian, etc. Yes, I heard you, but what does that have to do with who we are? Very little I would say. We see a box of crayons, but do we apply a “race” towards those crayons? So let me ask you:

How many so called “races” are on this planet? Let’s say 7, just for the sake of moving forward, and let’s form a box around these 7. Let’s now add into that box some lower emotions: anger, greed, jealousy, pride. envy, lust and sloth. The emotions listed can be seen as different races of people. Each category of these emotions have had children, and let’s call these children sub-categories. Pride: inferiority, superiority, shame, prejudice and more are direct family members of great, great, great great grandfather of pride (Royal Families). As stated previously, these 7 can break down into sub-categories.

“A knock on the door”who are you, she asked… No Answer! A letter slips under the door and she picks it up; it reads:

“You are being watched, and every action recorded will be used against you for your crimes against humanity. It’s highly unfortunate that not enough people are listening to you. So, this is where we come in. We will continue to watch you and do the listening for those missing in action, which we have already claimed. Your few listeners are those that we do not have control over, so you are fortunate but at the same time: “You will find yourself on a highly suffering path, and we will make sure that you do.” Photo credit: Joel Sartore via Getty Images

Do we pick the bodies we are born into, or is this process some kind of recycling the divine does, for spiritual economical reasons? Few of us have been told that negotiations are for higher beings–those who just automatically return; incarnate. For those who just incarnate, like us are not aware of picking such a body or parents, problems and outcomes. So, I’m this and that is obsolete; however, this is a soul matter. A matter of something that the soul is doing–vibrating in such a way, which produces the body format and it’s dormant character traits.

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There are people with more of an issue with anger than with lust etc. As we stated earlier, these lower emotions can be classified as “races.” So, with that said let’s make it up and call anger the orange race, which none exist here–hope you get the idea; however, you can tie the anger emotion to any “race” on this planet. Although you may have blue skin, your “chief emotion” may be that of the orange race, which is anger.

With the previous being stated, we have these lower emotions in most of us, if not all. Someone may not like another “race” of people, but that emotion first starts with the individual. The individual first feels the hate within themselves (self hate), then blame a “race” of people for their self hate.

We can say fear is the Adam and Eve, or the “root race” for all of the lower emotions. If we have fear, we have more lower emotions. Prejudice comes like a thief in the night, first making you hate yourself before seeing it in the mirror. Every lower emotion, and higher one’s are first felt from what we feel about ourselves in the moment. By calling these lower emotions “races,” we then see that we have every “race” within ourselves. You hate yourself first before you can see it in the mirror. You have lust for yourself, pride, envy, jealousy, etc. before you can mirror that emotion; outwardly.

“Ringing!” The phone rings–she picks it up: “hello,” she answers………….. Dial Tone! Photo credit: Ryo Konno via Getty Images

She thought to herself: “Are these phone calls supposed to scare me, because I’m not. I will still fight for what I believe in, and only something of physical death can transition me to another status.”

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“Race” is all so confusing, and I do not teach absolute truth, but barely scratch surfaces,, which I share with you. The outward appearance of “race” is nothing but a control mechanism, divide and conquer, social fiction, separateness, mechanical, sub and conscious torture. Who’s “racing?” Prejudice is unclaimed power, so it automatically becomes a negative thing while not being claimed. Those whom oppose you for speaking your mind are prejudice towards which you come. Stand up for your truth–get creative and do tell. People may turn against you, attack you, but please do not be deterred.

“Prejudice! “Prejudice against what,” she asked,” as the ruling elite of judges sentenced her to a shocking 50 years of prison–educating the minds of others was her sentence, regardless of their “race,” she showed no favors.

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