Pushkar is a highly religious place where thousands of pilgrims go to offer their devotion. The city is believed to be a place of Lord Brahma. Its renowned Pushkar Mela looks like a huge carnival of people, animals, and things. Read on to know more.

Mythological folklore run deep and wide across India and religious sentiments of a multitude of people, especially Hindus, found their origin in such extraordinary tales. Pushkar, the Rajasthani city in Ajmer district, is born out of one such legend. Lord Brahma is believed to have thrown a lotus flower at the place which formed a huge lake, now popularly known as Pushkar Lake. Around it the holy city of Pushkar came into existence. The place finds its mention in the ancient texts of Mahabharatha as well. Pushkar is home to thousands of Hindu priests and sages. The popular Pushkar Mela is held here only. It is a five-day annual camel and other livestock fair and considered as one of the largest such fair in the whole world. It is the center of tourist attractions in Pushkar as a number of activities are held during this period. It is organized beside the holy lake. Pushkar is connected to the Jaipur airport which is 90 miles from the city. Pushkar has a small railway station which connects to the Ajmer rail head. Just about 7 miles from Ajmer, Pushkar can be reached through road as well. There are a number of hotels in Pushkar city for the visitors. Making advance reservation is always suggestible.

Places to see: There are a number of temples in Pushkar to visit. The most popular temple of Pushkar is the Brahma Temple. Shiva Temples in the cave about 4 miles north and near Ajaypal about 4 miles southwest are worth seeing. Saraswati Temple is an hour’s trek to the hilltop. Gayatri Temple is a half an hour trek from the Marwar bus stand. There are a number of other temples you can explore. Pushkar has a lot of ghats, 52 in total, where pilgrims take bath. Varah Ghat, Brahma Ghat, and Gandhi Ghat (where Gandhi’s ashes were immersed in the water are some of the main ghats of the city.

Places to stay: The most popular hotels in Pushkar are Hotel White House, Hotel Pushkar Palace, Jagat Palace, Hotel Everest, etc. There are resorts like Green Park Resort and Pushkar Resorts. Some guest houses that offer a different staying experience are Royal Desert Camp, Orchard Pushkar, and Pushkar Desert Camp Resort. Gulaab Niwaas Palace and The Pushkar Bagh are the 4-star hotels in the city. For bread and breakfast, Hotel Diamond is good. Since there is a rush during the peak season of the Pushkar Mela, it is important to make advance bookings in one if the Pushkar Hotels before you arrive.

Places to eat at: Sixth Sense is a rooftop restaurant that offers Indian and Italian delicacies. Sun-n-Moon is a nice hippy place. You can relish some rich local taste of Indian food at Shri Venkatesh. Other eateries worth mentioning are the Falafel Wrap Stalls, Sunset Cafe, Honey & Spice, and Out of the Blue.

Explore the city of Pushkar to know another shade of the Indian culture or visit the holy lake if you are a devout Hindu.

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