In order for societies to exist peacefully, several laws have been introduced over the years. Everyone knows that law exists in a society to maintain peace. However, there are hardly any people who understand the true reasons why law exists within a society. The answer to this “why” is far more complex that just the basic statement; to main law, order and peace within a group of people living together in a single collective area.

Law is imperative for all societies. Law means the presence of guidelines essential to maintain a decent social order. It further helps members of a society to claim their rights and take the matter up to the court. In addition to that it also helps the government resolve individual’s problems and act in a way acceptable to everyone. Following is an explanation of the reasons why law exists in a society.

To Maintain Paternal And Damage Principles

The Harm and Paternal Law ensures the following two things:

  1. That no individual tries to or succeeds in bringing harm to another and

  2. That no individual is able to inflict harm upon themselves – self-harm.

If the first one is ignored, then the chances of emotionally and financially individuals toppling and taking over the weak ones increases. Though it may be done through fair means it only adds frustration, negativity and hatred within a society.

The ignorance of the latter ensures that the concept of personal justice also exists within a society. Though these laws have their roots mostly in spiritualism, they are essentially important to ensure that the living individuals feel good about themselves and are given a content environment to live in.

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To Maintain A Sense Of Goodness

There is a certain kind of law that must exist in order to ensure that no individual or group of individuals is given unlawful or unfair means of power over the other. Therefore, the presence of law ensures that the concept of decree is not being used to gain personal advantages. It cannot be used to implement a certain religious school of thought and similarly it cannot be used as an excuse to bring a certain practice or belief to a halt. Therefore, the concept of hate speech and other similar unjust laws are kept under a strict control to ensure that one or more individuals in power do not use them to their own diabolic and personal advantages.

To Promote The Concept Of Donations

The donation law is present to ensure that the flux of money is kept going. In this manner, those with a lot of money do not get richer when the poor ones keep losing money. With donation laws, the less worthy are thought of and given preference and help by their own. This promotes a very obvious and loving sense of brotherhood and society. Most importantly, in a very direct manner, it promotes the willingness to survive and live together harmoniously.

These are all the basic reasons why law exists in a society and why everyone should follow it.

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