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Writing an essay for a student can be a tedious job or homework but if you are well aware of the steps about essay writing, the same task may become a cakewalk. Yes, you will learn here some of the basic steps to start writing an essay with better research methodology and patterns that give a unique direction and conclusion to an essay on your favorite topic. To get more detailed information about every step, you can read best essay writing company reviews.

Research well on essay topic

The first step deals with doing a comprehensive and accurate research work on the essay topic so that you know everything in favor and against of the topic. This will give you a general idea where your essay should point. For this, you can make use of everything which is accessible like internet, library, bookstores, friends and even teachers so that a rough note can be prepared.

Analyze your notes

A good essay can be only written if you have got a proper understanding of discussions and suggestions made by others. So, the note prepared in the first step should be analyzed properly in order to define claims, evidence and proofs in favor of your point.

Include your brilliance and intellect

Essay writing does not involve the research work of others and seniors only rather you will also need to include your own thoughts and creativity so that writing becomes unique and exceptional. This will keep your essay separate from the other sources and protect your writing from any duplicity claims. Give proper solutions to well-set questions in respect of the essay topic and apply your brain nerves.

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Prepare a raw thesis

After you have argued with your brain and ideas on different points, you should now get prepared to isolate the best ideas and arguments so that a raw and rough thesis can be prepared around which essay will be outlined in the next steps. You should try your best to prepare a crystal clear thesis so that reader can easily know the direction of your point and value of content.

Shorten your essay through outlining essential points

It becomes essential now to get a final outline for your essay which should comprise of paragraph and points under each paragraph through a brief sentence and bullet points. Of course, final essay will be the detailed description of this outline.

Write introduction

From, here essay writing gets started because the reader will be interested in getting the value of your introduction paragraph which must be impelling and fluent to captivate the attention. You should write an intro which simply engages the reader and compels him to go for further and deeper reading.

Detail your paragraphs

As per the outline prepared in the earlier step, you should detail your paragraphs gracefully on a specific point with emphasis, arguments, favors and powerful assertions. Best essay writing company reviews will further sharpen your skills in the context of grammar and language.


This is the most prominent portion of your essay after introduction passage which must be written with a proper tone and note. Inserting some old dictum, logic or twist will be always best here!

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