Creativity is for everyone. Having a creative mind can be beneficial both for work and activities at home. Fortunately, for those who have a hard time in letting their creative juices flow, there are some ways. Some people are naturally gifted with a creatively talented mind, while others have to train themselves to achieve one.

The right hemisphere of our brain is responsible for spatial awareness, imagination, day-dreaming, etc. and it controls the left side of our bodies. It is the “creative” part of our brain, therefore if a person needs to boost their creativity, the first thing they’ll need to do is to strengthen the right hemisphere of their brain! And for that, the most recommended tips/techniques are as follows:

  • Keep Changing Your Patterns.

You should remember that the behavior everyday rituals, from lunch time to toilet breaks, from the route taken to work to how much you sleep, affect how we perceive things. Hence, it is vital that you have a dynamic life pattern. Keep changing your routes, eat somewhere different every day, take a metro instead of going via your own vehicle once a week, watch a movie completely opposite to your taste, do whatever it is that applies to you. But don’t limit yourself to a specific lifestyle. This would give you a broader perspective of things.

  • Stay Curious!

Curiosity is a great asset to stimulate creativity. Frequently ask questions (but remember not to be annoying!), look at issues and try to assess them, observe, read books or magazines or take specialized tests. In short, never close your doors to information!

  • Imagine!

Keep imagining things, be it absolutely rubbish or something important. Imagine scenarios, possible outcomes, parallel universes, etc. Even more offbeat, you can imagine the view of some characters on a product or idea. Like, what would Madonna say? Faced with a conflict in your team? How would James Bond solve it? And Barbie? What about Gandhi? Try to imagine what opinion would Da Vinci or Einstein give. All these perspectives will allow you, if you play the game, to consider the problem from all angles and to find several possible solutions. But remember to draw a fine line between imagination and real life & help you analyze the pros and cons of different things/situations in your life.

  • Express Yourself.

Be sure to note down any ideas you get in your mind. If you can’t find any words to express them, draw them instead. The choice is yours, but make sure that you absolutely do not miss on this if you really want to boost your creativity juices!

  • Judge Things:

While this isn’t meant in any negative way, being judgmental of things can help you assess things better in later life and help in putting things into perspective more clearly. Judging people isn’t recommended, instead try to judge things – Think about every aspect, be it positive or negative.

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