A growing breed of students and careerists are moving across places in pursuit of good education and career opportunities and building a good independent life for themselves. But this living alone has its own challenges and searching for an accommodation is one of the major look outs to start off with. There is a wide variety of choices for accommodations: hostels, paying guest, sharing apartments etc. As a student I too faced such difficulties but as for myself I found paying guest accommodation best of all.

Points to keep in mind while searching for a good Paying Guest

There are certain points to be kept in mind while searching for a good paying guest accommodation:

  • Location should not be too far away from the campus area

  • What is the rent?

  • Does the rent include electricity, water tax etc?

  • Is there any security deposit?

  • Does the pg provide a food facility?

Cheaper compared to hostels

Staying in a paying guest accommodation is much cheaper than staying in a hostel. Hostel accommodation includes food provision, electricity, water tax, security deposit, recreation costs etc which becomes expensive as the students have to pay an added amount which leads to mismanagement of their finances.

Flexibility in time and money

Compared to a hostel in which students have to pay a huge amount of money including all costs immediately at the time of admission and none of the components are non-negotiable unlike a paying guest accommodation where we can easily pay the rent at the end of the month or in the beginning according to the students flexibility. The most positive fact of staying in a paying guest in Delhi is that there is a provision which allows individuals to prepare food for them which not only leads to cost saving but also keeps an individual fit & healthier.

The hostel timings are fixed by which students face a lot of difficulties if stuck somewhere but paying guest accommodations are much more lenient in terms of timings.

Safe and secure

Safety and security is one of the major concerns in all the metropolitan cities due to which every parent prioritize a secured stay of their children. Parents also have the feasibility to connect with the pg owners whenever it is required. Paying guests in Delhi are as safe and secured just like hostels. In most paying guest accommodation‘s the owners or care takers stay and take care of all the amenities and solve all possible problems related to the facilities and provisions like that of food or electricity or plumbing services.

Flexibility in choosing your own partners

We can stay independent and choose our partners which imbibes a positive environment and energy. Having similar wavelengths assists us to take quick decisions which inculcates a friendly bonding, which quickens our daily necessary works which automatically cut short on the time and make us more proficient in time management.

2016-06-12Paying guest accommodation is the most flexible among all the other accommodation.

So choose your paying guest accommodation well. Happy staying!

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