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remodel your bathroomTaking a significant amount of time and money, most home renovation projects, whether you’re putting an addition on your house or finishing your basement, can be a serious source of stress to those participating in them. However, there’s one renovation project that can both improve your living space and help you maintain your sanity: remodel your bathroom. In a small space, like a bathroom, minor changes can give you a fun, relaxing project to undertake and take your mind off the stresses of day-to-day life while completely transforming your space. If you’re not in the market for a major renovation, but can’t wait to tap into that creative spirit, try these easy bathroom tranquility tips on for size.

How To Remodel Your Bathroom

To Be A Tranquil Oasis

remodel your bathroom

Swap in a soaker tub

Swap out that too-short tub in favor of a vintage (or vintage-inspired) soaker tub and your bathroom will be a more tranquil space in no time. A soaker tub is not only a stunning centerpiece that fits in even the smallest spaces, it’s also a great place to relax after a long day or after a hard workout. Fortunately, it’s not a hard item to replace; you’ll just need to remove your existing tub, finish any flooring that’s missing from underneath, and place your new set-up. If you find a great vintage tub that’s in less-than-ideal shape, don’t fret; a few coats of water-resistant all-purpose paint can help cover up a not-so-perfect finish, and will prevent chipping paint from becoming an issue. For claw-foot tubs, not only can you paint the interior, but adding some fun paint to the feet can completely transform the whole piece; some gold paint or a pop of bright color, like an electric blue, can modernize your antique piece in an instant.

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Give it a neutral palette

Make your bathroom an oasis and give yourself a meditative project to undertake in the process by repainting the space in a neutral palette. Shades of white and light yellow are bright neutrals that will compliment any decorating scheme, while blue is a serene, nature-inspired choice that research suggests may actually improve your mood. To make your colors really pop, try adding in some lighting that simulates natural light; not only will this brighten up even the smallest rooms, there’s ample research that suggests natural light can help you fend off symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Get a great shower head

If you’re short on time but want to transform your bathroom in a major way, try installing a waterfall shower head. Inexpensive and easy to do, this can completely change your shower or bath experience, turning your once ho-hum shower into a relaxing place to recharge. If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, try adding a rainfall shower head overhead; it makes any shower a soothing space for your taller family members or guests without forcing them to crouch under your wall-mounted shower head. If you’re eager to make your bathroom a prettier place, too, try installing an LED shower head, that will make it easy to see even in the darkest showers, and will help you start your day with a fun light show.


Turn that cluttered bathroom into a place of peace in an instant by getting some attractive storage for your space. Cute glass containers with metal tops, like those used at old-fashioned pharmacies, make great storage for cotton balls and swabs, and wicker baskets can stylishly hide those toiletries that are cluttering the room. If you’re feeling creative, make fabric liners for your containers that complement your walls or shower curtain for a put-together look. If you want to make your look even more cohesive, you can make your own shower curtain using pleated fabric to match the liners for your organizer; just create a wide hem with space for your shower rod at the top of the curtain and make sure to use a vinyl curtain liner so your floor doesn’t get soaked every time you step in the shower.

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Add a skylight

Channel your inner contractor and turn a dark bathroom into a light-filled spa-like space by installing a skylight. While this task may seem difficult at first, all it takes is some framing, some sawing, some caulking, and proper placement to completely transform your space into the bright and airy oasis you’ve been looking for. If your bathroom’s not on the upper floor of your house, or if you’re less than sure that you can do the work without structural damage to your space, a painted ceiling or a window frame mirror can help you make your space look bigger and lighter with little effort.

Whether you’re working with a huge amount of space or are just trying to make your petite powder room more functional, a little effort can yield major results when you’re attempting a redesign. Just a few small changes to your existing bathroom can tap into your creativity, give you a sense of purpose, and create a peaceful space inside your house that you’ll love spending time in day after day.

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