Who would you turn to in a crisis? Who would you want to emulate if you were trying to solve a difficult problem. Chances are, you would look towards somebody who is known for staying on an even keel, being extremely trustworthy, and who could put together a solution to a challenging quandary while still keeping their head on straight. In other words, you would put yourself in the hands of, or emulate a person who has developed great mental strength.

Wouldn’t it be better to simply become a mentally tough person instead? That way you would have all of the traits that you admire, and you could be the person that others rely on when things are going wrong. In addition to all of that, mental and emotional toughness helps you to accomplish your goals and live with a purpose.

1. They Approach Each Day With an Attitude of Practical Optimism

It goes without saying that negative people frequently have days that meet their poor expectations. Unfortunately, many optimists have disappointing days as well. This is because they don’t temper their optimism with practicality. The result is that they have unrealistic expectations. When things go wrong, they are doubly disappointed because they didn’t prepare themselves to deal with or adjust to any disappointment or unexpected events or difficulties. People who are mentally strong, expect things to go well, but they don’t expect perfection. Because of this, they are able to rebound when disappointment occurs.

2. They Practice Good Time Management Skills

One thing that stands out when you spend time with the mentally strong is that they value both their time and yours. Because of this, they view wasting time as practically a crime. They show this trait by being on time, efficient, and by doing things right the first time. In fact, the skill of good time management is one of the most important foundations of being a mentally strong person, who stays on track when it comes to accomplishing what they want. If you want to develop this trait, you will have to break your procrastination habit.

3. They Are Compassionate With Themselves

It is a difficult thing to display mental strength if you don’t take good care of yourself physically and emotionally. The same thing applies when you continually engage in negative self-talk. The mentally strong know the difference between true mental strength, and putting pressure on themselves to be at 100 percent all of the time. They also know that their strength isn’t improved by being too hard on themselves. This is why mentally tough people take care of themselves. They get enough rest, they keep tabs on their health, and they eat right. They also give themselves space when they become overwhelmed. Most importantly, they refuse to beat themselves up with constant inner criticism. Instead, when they are displeased with themselves, they use perspective, then make a plan to improve.

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4. They Either Fix Things or They Accept Things

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In order to be truly mentally strong, you cannot waste time or energy on pointless worrying and complaining. Instead people who have an abundance of mental strength make one of two decisions when faced with a difficult situation. They decide that they are willing and able to fix things, or they make the decision to accept things as they are. Now, this doesn’t mean that they don’t mourn or are never disappointed. It simply means that they know dwelling on things is unproductive, and that it doesn’t change things.

5. They Establish Boundaries

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The mentally strong take full responsibility for their mods, actions, and behaviors. They expect the same of others as well. They enforce this by establishing healthy boundaries with others. The result is that they don’t get entangled in unneeded drama involving others, and they do not involve themselves where they don’t belong either. Most importantly, they don’t allow other people to act as emotional vampires in their lives.

6. They Begin Each Day With a Plan

People who have great mental strength tend to be purpose driven and goal oriented. Because of this, they don’t like to aimlessly go through days. Instead, they create both long-range short-term plans. Then, to ensure that they get the things done that they need to, they work from a daily plan of action. They know that by sticking to their plan, they will accomplish more each day and will come much closer to accomplishing their personal and professional goals.

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7. They Check in With Themselves Emotionally

You may believe that mentally strong people are quite stoic. In reality, being mentally strong doesn’t mean having a limited emotional range. Mentally strong people stay in tuned with their emotions. By doing this, they have a clear picture of how their emotions might be impacting their behaviors and their decisions. Mentally powerful people know to step away from important decisions when their emotions are in too high of a state, and they also understand that sometimes the best choice involves going against their feelings.

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