Shopping in Rome has never been disappointing for tourists. There are many people, who could bring home lots of things: clothes, jewelry, souvenirs. I’m going to tell you about the real Roman souvenirs you can buy for you friends and relatives. Of course, you shouldn’t spend all the money you get for shopping for souvenirs. Just keep something for your pleasure!

Roman Classic

Classical souvenirs from Rome are always top of mind. The main advantage is they are cheap and individual. It doesn’t really matter how much money you spent for your presents. It’s clear that the key point is attention, but not the price for presents.

Venetian mask

Theater Venetian masks are the perfect presents. The prices are different. How much do you have? The start price for these masks can be about 10EUR, and the end price depends on its quality. Wood, leather, marble, Murano glass – it costs money. Buying something cheap and bright you can get “Made in China” stuff, under-performing the original samples.

Scarfs and ties

These are good souvenirs for both, men and women. All depends on people’s tastes and creativity. Bright scarf or a colorful tie can be a good complement for your friends according to the importance of the occasion.

Religious souvenirs

Religious souvenirs are very popular among tourists from all over the world. Icons, statues of Jesus and the Pope, Vatican miniatures and other beautiful things are carefully made of different materials – gifts that suit every pocket. Among the interesting souvenirs you can admit also ancient Roman coins, chariots, popular porcelain statues of gladiators, patricians.

Personal Souvenirs

Thinking of souvenirs and presents for you and your family, you can choose something interesting among the variety of more expensive offers. Try to read the article to the end to make your list of Roman souvenirs full.

Wedding Dress

Why not? It is a great idea to buy your wedding dress in Rome. Planning your wedding, you need to book a dress beforehand, at least a year before your big date. This is an ideal wedding! If you need to buy the dress in a short order, try to visit the following wedding address:

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Brutta Spose on Piazza Regina Margherita, 12;
Elsa Spose on the crossing of Via Tito Omboni 57/59 Via Tuscolana 788;
Giardino Spose on Via Avicenna, 92.


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Furry coat

You know that there is no cold winter in Italy. That is why Italian women don’t like furs. In spite of this, there are many show-rooms all over the city, where different fur models are represented. You can find expensive and democratic coats here. The most popular show-room is Fendi. The value of the matter here is about 15 000EUR. You can be shocked of those pieces of art! So, the address of this place is Palazzo fendi largo goldoni 00187, Rome.
Pellicce Canali and De Nicola offers more suitable prices from 2000EUR. The assortment of furry coats counts more than 1500 models.

Brand shoes and clothes of Italian trade marks

It is important to know that good clothes cost a lot in Italy. That is why you shouldn’t expect to meet the cheap and high-quality stuff. If you need to get the cheap souvenir, it’s better to buy a branded neck cloth, which you can find in every clothing shop in Rome. Italian leather goods are real quality, beauty and long-term usage standards. Buying shoes in Rome, you can buy history.

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The central trade street of watches, where you can meet such trademarks as Citizen, Rolex, Hogan, Omega and many others, is called Via Condotti. If you don’t like the prices in the local shops, you can buy a not bad cheap alternative to the real Italian brands at the street merchants. As the phrase goes, it is cheap and nasty!

Designer golden jewelry

It is widely thought that Italy takes the first place in the list of golden jewelry producers. These jewelry samples make women stay awake the whole night, dazzling with their creativeness, beauty and originality. You can watch the beauty on Via Del Babuin, and corso Vittorio Emanuele. If you are not tired, go further to Via del Corso and Piazza di Spagna. Shopping in such places is the sweets of life.

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Souvenirs for Gourmands

If you are not sure what the other people really need, you should pay attention to food shops. Italy is rich in gastronomic delicacies choices – each according to his needs.

Sausage products and jerked meat

Such trademarks as Mortadella, Culatello and Cotechino are the most Italian in Rome. That is why you should try and buy everything! Most of them you can take home for presents. Jerked meat of Prosciutto crudo trademark is a paradise taste for your stomach. You should try it at least once a year.

Olive oil

Green olive oil is not an expensive present, but healthy and aromatic. Obviously, it is better to buy a bottle of oil in one of the Italian villages in the suburbs. Nevertheless, the olive oil, which is sold in the Spa supermarket in the center of Rome, is also worth your attention.

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Italian cheese

Original Italian cheese Parmigiano, Gorgonzola Dolce or Grana Padano can be easily found in every Roman supermarket. This is a natural product without any harmful additions, spicy or not. Multicolored noodles, pasta, balsamic vinegar, Tortellini, Italian cookies, sweets – this is a small part of the full list for gourmands.


Being in Italy, you should try Italian wine. Usually, Italians drink liquors, such as Amaretto Disaronno, Amar Montenegro and Limoncello di Sorrento. The wines of local producers Chianti, Moscato, Italians drink every day at every given opportunity. These drinks it is better to buy in special wine boutiques, for not to be failed.

There is one more thing. You can’t go in Rome without a car. Renting car is not a rare thing because of high competitive proposals from everywhere. The prices are suitable. Taxi is not the right way out, as it is not profitable. You can use it once or twice, but not often. Traveling Rome, you need renting car more often than you think. Don’t spend a lot of money for souvenirs in Rome! It is better to spend them for shopping or visiting historical places. Using car, you can keep up-to-date with time and rest.

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