Pachmarhi is a small beautiful hill station in central India. It is a popular tourist destination in Madhya Pradesh and is filled with infinite natural allures and attractions. Visit the quaint town for a relaxing holiday and pick from the best Pachmarhi hotels.

Pachmarhi is a popular hill station in Central India. It is a small part of Madhya Pradesh and is an army cantonment area that is more popular as the “Queen of Satpura” or “Satpura ki rani”. Nestled aptly in a valley in the Satpura Range at a height of about 1100 meters above the sea level, it is a beautiful town abundantly blessed by nature. The town is home to the highest peak of the Satpura which is also the highest point in the parent state. Tourist, especially nature buffs throng the place in the count of thousands and the place remains a popular hill-station throughout the year.

Founded by Captain James Forsyth, a British Army Officer along with Subedar Major Nathoo Ramji Powar it is believed that they spotted the place for the first time when they were leading the army troops while on the way to Jhansi. The Gond communities and the people of Korkus are believed to be the original natives of the region. In fact, the place was actually under the reign of the Gond King Bhawut Singh when the British arrived here. Following Captain James Forsyth setting his eyes on the region, it didn’t take long for the British to colonize the place. Soon the place became a summer retreat for the officers, troops, and their families where they could relax and rejuvenate away from the scorching summer heat in the central provinces of India.

Although the British were forced to leave the country following India’s Independence, but the old Churches, bungalows, cemeteries etc. still dot the place. These old remnants are popular tourist haunts of the town and generate lots of interest. The good thing is that they are easily accessible from the main market. Besides, there are some good Pachmarhi hotels located quite near to them.

The town is a land of splendid natural beauty. Waterfalls, valley, lake/ponds, hills, ravines, and dense forests are the constituents of the region. Apart from housing the highest peak in the entire state of Madhya Pradesh, the place is also home to Rajat Prapat, Gupt Mahadev, Duchess Fall, Bee Fall, Handi Khoh, and Pachmarhi Hill. There also exists a group of five caves called Pachmarhi. Apparently the place derives its name based on these caves. It is believed that the caves were made by the Pandavas during the era of Mahabharata when they were serving their exile. The location of these caves is on a hilltop, offering excellent views of the verdant region.

UNESCO has added the dense jungles of Pachmarhi in the list of Biosphere Reserves, making the jungles a protected region. The biosphere reserve is also called the Satpura Tiger Reserve and covers an area of about 4981.72 k.m. square. It contains three wildlife sanctuaries, namely Satpura National Park, Bori Sanctuary, and Pachmarhi Sanctuary. Not only the reserve is home to a wide species of flora and fauna, but it also houses some quite rare and endangered species.

To name some of the most popular places of interest here include: Dhoot Akhilesh, Handi Khoh, Pansy Pool, Crumps Crag, Waters Meet, Rajat Prapat, Chauragarh, Mount Rosa, Rajendra Giri, Patharchatta, Lady Robertson’s View, Nagdwar, Midpoint of India, Colletin Crag, Draupadi Kund, Jatashankar, and Reechgarh.

Being a popular tourist destination in central India the place receives a large numbers of visitors yearly. The good thing is that there is no shortage of hotels. Of which the budget hotels in Pachmarhi are quite popular amongst tourist. Besides, there are both cheap as well as luxury hotels in the town, which one may pick as per their stay needs.

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