Each of us is something of a schizophrenic personality, tragically divided against ourselves. ~ Martin Luther King Jr

We hear a lot of talk about God this, God that, but how about if God saw us all as schizophrenics? The very idea of this is very profound, and indeed can be seen as something of a divine nature.

The families that are always arguing amongst one another. The worker hating his boss and politics. The dis-ease of schizophrenia is broad, and doesn’t just apply to those that have been diagnosed.

We are fast to blame others for different things, but did our analysis suggest we did not play a role? A person comes up to me and says something funny–I laugh. That very same person tells the same joke to someone else, but it’s not funny. So, may I ask you: “was the joke not funny?”

Maybe it was just me, and my interpreter, which makes me a schizophrenic. Each and every one of us has an interpreter within us. Let’s have a little fun with this, and call that interpreter our personal secretary.

I Got Your Back

The schizophrenic files, filled with different personalities.

We are different on the bus, different with family, different with our friends and more. Someone says something to me, and I get angry about it. What the person said was the truth, but what did the secretary do? Mis-filed, and inserted what the person said into the emotional file instead of the intellectual file. The person meant no harm, so guess what happens now?…

You’re Fired!

The person is only fired if we can see them, and what they did. We think we are just one person, but we are many, as the ego suggests. Someone suggests that I watch a television show, which they have found to be very informative. I say: “I don’t watch television.” They say: “Oh!” A week later I come to find out that people are being laid off left to right in my city. Well, the television show someone suggested to me mentioned this would be happening really soon. If I would have known ahead of time, I could of alerted some friends and family to prepare.

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Our brains are not entirely ours until we can free ourselves. We are constantly bombarded with different things and other people’s behavior: actors, tv, friends, family, classmates, etc.

A thought occurs in my head, which is not a good thought, and it tends to remind me of something someone once said. From that thought I go and get some alcohol and get pissy drunk. I go to jail that very same day for being publicly intoxicated. Once again we can refer back to the internal secretary. Doesn’t this kind of thing happen with people being labeled schizo’s–hearing voices in their heads? Let’s get a doctor’s opinion.

Doctor’s Opinion: Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that makes it hard to: tell the difference between what is real and not real; think clearly; have normal emotional responses; act normally in social situations.

Notice the word dis-order: when things are not in order. What’s real and what isn’t real is a matter of perception. The thoughts we are having at the moment may not be happening right now physically, but they are happening in our heads. These kind of happenings tend to be bothersome and can affect judgment. The type of schizophrenia I am referring to is similar, but more deeply internal. The doctor’s schizophrenia is a mirror aspect of the internal schizophrenia I am mentioning here.

It can be all kind of things that trigger outward schizophrenia. Perhaps the diagnosed person killed people in a past life, or hurt people in different ways and now they are hearing their voices. I don’t know. I’m no expert in that field, but I am presenting a spiritual aspect of it.

If I am you and you are me, then, this would prove my writing further, but not in a bad sense. I am merely pointing at something saying:

“Have a look for yourself.”

When we look into the mirror, we see a repeat of images along with ourselves. The real me, which is doing the looking can be considered the observer or the within myself looking out. What I am looking at is the observed and it is saying something about me. Everything outside of ourselves has something to say about us, but we can’t see that it is looking at us. So, with this, we think of the schizophrenic and apply it to ourselves. When we apply this to ourselves we can then see these different entities eating at us. Eating at us through our mental, emotional and physical selves. Look Out! Now you can see them ruling this world, but through these internal faculties we call emotions, mental and physical. We are the immune system of this earth, and when that immune system is weak, all kind of viruses enter, as we like to call them “The Illuminati,” which is a false name, but virus would be the appropriate term.

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If I was to argue with someone about a particular topic, and God (whatever that is) was the witness, my excuses would not work; validating my behavior. God says to me: “No, I saw you arguing with yourself—I did not see anyone else. Actually someone else was there, through my own eyes, pushing my robotic buttons. On the contrary; it was just me having a conversation with my own mind, and the language it uses.

There is no other one, or other person. Everyone and everything is just an extension of myself, and the crucifixion is the death of all of those extensions and into a oneness, but individually. The sacrifice is allowing myself to die to this schizophrenic behavior, to become one personality—being the same with everyone, with a loving spirit.

To truly love thy neighbor, I must first know who or what that neighbor is. That neighbor is not something separate from myself. Who are you? My name is Tom. No it isn’t, but a name your parents have given to you. Murder is another mirrored reflection of crystallizing those extra personalities.

Do you remember that movie “The One,” with Jet Li? His mission in the movie was to kill himself in other dimensions, and each time he killed himself; he got stronger each time in all ways. He would repeatedly do this until he became “The One.” This is what I am trying to explain here. Those other dimensions are only in our minds, as our minds are vast and different entities exist there—different models of myself. Those different personalities are in different dimensions of our space mind. So, with this, which one are you really? There is one way to definitely tell if you have unlocked your gift—within that gift lies your purpose and or your true individual self. In order to build upon that gift or creativity, “others” within ourselves has to die.

Schizophrenia is not just someone’s diagnoses, but part of something greater; a hint, of something inside all of us.

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