Shillong, the Scotland of the East certainly has plenty to offer its visitors. The former hub of the British colonization, the city is the capital of one of the smallest states in India, Meghalaya. It is located very close of the Cherrapunji, a place that is counted amongst the handful places on Earth receiving very heavy rainfall. Cherrapunji is about 65 km from Shillong, towards the southwest and the average recorded rainfall in the place is ideally over 850 cm. It is the geographic location of Shillong that makes its weather pleasant throughout the year, but it rains quite often. Nevertheless, the city is plentifully filled with a multitude of attractions and alleurs that beckon one to simply overstay in his tour of the city. Also, Shillong is one of the most visited tourist places in India’s North-East.

When in Shillong, a visit to the peaks of Shillong is a must. The city has two prominent peaks, the Shillong Peak (the most known peak in the city) and the Sohpetbneng peak. Both the peaks are known for offering the best panoramic views of the city, which come into view to be divided into chunks of concrete patching the verdant hills of the region. The Shillong is located in more height than the Sohpetbneng peak. 1965 meters and 1343 meters for Shillong peak and Sohpetbneng peak respectively. The Sohpetbneng peak, other than offering magnificent views of the Shillong city, is also known for being a place of high reverence for the Hynniewtrep people. The peak is for long considered as a sacred place to worship by the natives, which are small tribes/communities of the Meghalaya state, and is seen as a place with utter importance. The Shillong peak is about 10 km from the heart of the city, and the Sohpetbneng is about 20 km far. The good thing is that, transportation to these tourist places are offered by a few of the luxury hotels in Shillong.

Shillong is also dotted by lakes, parks, and gardens. These are the beautifying elements of the city that adorn the city and make it more beautiful. The Ward’s Lake situated in the heart of the city is over a century old lake. A popular place for the couples and honeymooners, the lake is a quite picturesque lake. Tourists come here for boating, taking short garden walks, and spending sometime in calmness. Additionally, just a little below the Ward’s Lake is the Shillong Botanical Garden. It is a beautiful garden that is decorated by several species of colorful flowers and exotic plants. Also, home to rare species of birds, the garden is a must visit in the itineraries of the tourists.

Another tranquil place in the city, where one can spend sometime with family is the Lady Hydari Park. It is a major attraction in the city. Stretching over a kilometre the park is dedicated to the wife of a former Governor of Assam. Other than featuring grassy fields and beautiful flower beds, the park is also home to a zoo which is also a deer park.

Shillong certainly is a destination to head to. Featuring every color/facet of tourism, excellent connectivity, and number of restaurants and budget hotels in Shillong, the city makes one fine destination for a fun-carefree holiday.

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