Whenever you trace the origin of a skill or practices which played a crucial role in the ascent of man, we usually reach the realm of play. ~ Eric Hoffer

As a kid, I was fascinated with video games, but what kid wasn’t? So many things to do–similar to life, but not really. I’d rather live to play video games at that time which was a little easier to deal with. The games took me into a realm of my mind to where I enjoyed, like a fantasy. I also remember playing different sport games as I got older. Do you remember those sport games that allowed you to create a player? Of course you do. 🙂

Skill Set! photo credit: freestyle.gamekiss.com

When creating my player, I noticed that 100-1,000 skill set points were given to me freely from the start. As you can see in the picture above, a list of skills are shown. With my points I could place some here and there until the points are used up, which is optional. The skills that I would lag on, would be considered my faults. I go through the game (life) with my skill set. People are good at certain things. People are bad or lagging at certain things. The more we live life, we accumulate more skill set points that helps to build our character.

I’ve been to Gnostic lectures many times, and have loved every last one. Only those who have a good deal of consciousness can make deals (choosing how they want to use their skill set points) with karma, according to the Gnostics. A good deal of consciousness is sort of like good credit, because with good credit comes more financial opportunities.

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Taking a look back at the picture above and the skill set options, I ask: “After filling up every skill set option, what happens afterwards?”

See, questions like that are reasons why people create words like God–simply stating that “I don’t know.” Maybe one advances to a new type of being with new skill set options with the heading of Godly-hood–I don’t know… I’ll keep you updated. Lol!

I highly doubt one can fill up the skill set options of being human in one lifetime. Can one retire from their job on the first day? Speaking of work, most of us do, but mainly for others–businesses, corporations. In the business world of skill set options, in which we aid them on building, we make a few dollars. They buy the machines while we work them, and they watch movies and eat popcorn. This may highly seem unfair, but what can we do as people if we are not aware of our natural creativity? We work for others. If we are aware of our natural creativity, we still need money for marketing etc. if we decide to go into business for ourselves. There is a skill set for those areas of marketing etc.

Things are not just created on their own. There is most likely always an intelligent force behind that created thing.

Challenges! photo credit: EA.com

I am the player in this game of life and the opponents are me too, but the untested areas. For me to make things happen for my benefit, I must learn how to step out of my way, and this requires knowledge of your own skill set and accumulation of points. I know, it may be tough at times but what other option is there? Sometimes it may feel good to do the wrong thing by just giving the ball away, but it also feels good to score points—it is ultimately our decision to make.

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