The following thought came today while the barber was cutting my hair in the saloon….. A piece of earth was cleaning another piece of earth! Both the pieces were just bundles of Ca, C, Ph, H2O etc… but both of them were aware of their existence (or at least they thought that they were aware of themselves)! So a negligibly tiny part of the infinite reality was doing a conscious act on another similar sized part of itself! Then where do “I” come into picture?!

Wise and realized people depict apparently different pictures – though the essential of all of those mean the same. Some say we are the part of the Whole. Some say we are just bunches of energy.

Some say we are spirits having a human experience. Some say “energy at rest is mass” while “energy in motion is life”. One may say I am the eternal existence itself or Shivoham!

However I myself neither have any firsthand experience of such one-ness nor do I have the intellectual capability to gather the idea of the possibility of any such one-ness. Anyway the common sense leads to a common view angle which is shared in the following paragraph.

Is it not natural that if I slap myself I am only going to experience the resultant pain? Here the hand does the action on the cheek. If observed from the stand point of the body parts, one can rightly interpret that the “hand” hurts the “cheek”. The validity of this interpretation can be backed up by the physical concept of action and reaction. The physical proof of this interpretation is immediately available as the cheek turns red and the hand also becomes hot and red to some extent. But viewing from a larger perspective one does not want to stand for or against the hand or cheek. Instead one says “I hurt myself”.

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We can extend the similar view to a larger field of experience, our entire world. When we do so, we clearly see that no one can ever kill or rape or murder or destroy someone or something other than himself/herself though the actions and reactions manifest themselves at the involved parts. For instance in the above example though I slap myself and hence feel the pain, from a physical stand point, the hand is the culprit and the cheek is the victim! The involved forms can never get away from individually manifested actions and reactions. But ultimately it is me the OCEAN in whom the WAVEs dance! This is what Lord Srikrishna means when He says Bhagvad Geeta ( NOTE: Bhagvad Geeta is one of the most popular Hindu scripture believed to be revealed by the Lord Himself to his friend, devotee and a great warrior Arjuna) “THEY ARE IN ME, I AM NOT IN THEM”

The thought continues:

I am unborn. Just a form of me took birth, grew up, fell in the so-called rat race, cut throats of others to survive, and gradually understood the hollowness of its pursuits and now feels itself to be evolved :). In fact I, who was always present, just slipped into a different state of consciousness (so-called birth), accumulated matter from earth (so-called physical growth), accumulated emotions, impressions and thoughts (so-called mental and intellectual growth), gradually developed the identity with the heap of body, mind & intellect (B,M & I) and temporarily became the individualized ego! But it is clear that I was present even before this body, mind, intellect and ego came into existence… Though the grasping of this truth is not complete, I can surely hope to come out of such spiritual amnesia sooner or later.

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I now began to understand that my sense of agency or my ego performs all activities on myself! That is eating myself, excreting myself, drinking myself, cheating myself, competing with myself, fighting with myself, afraid of myself, slapping myself, praising myself, dreaming of myself, living myself, dying myself, BEING MYSELF!

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