A new member of a family is truly a blessing. And this blessing needs its own space. The first thing future parents are supposed to face is creating a nursery room. This room must be made with all the care and having in mind comfort and safety of the newborn. It has to be made to meet the needs of both the child and the parents, since most of the time will be spent there. Take a look at the following smart ideas for decorating a room for your newborn.


The center of the room will surely be the crib. If you already have a crib that is in the family for generations, do not hesitate and use it! However, consider refreshing it, for example use fresh paint and give it a modern look. However, the crib you are recycling must be checked for safety – you must inspect all notches and screws to make sure they all fit perfectly. Here are some further guidelines you may consider when renovating your old crib.


The colors in your nursery room are supposed to be natural and gentle for the eye. You must have in mind that the color scheme will not only affect the child, but you as well, and in the future period you will need all the peace and serenity there is. In a recent conversation with Sydney-based extensions specialists, I found out that the key to serenity is loving the home you live in. And the love must shine from every corner of your home.

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Common Theme

If you have in mind a certain design, then use it. It would be best if you used a common theme, for example if you have found out the sex of your child then you can use flowers, hearts, stars, fairies themes for girls, vs. cars and sports for boys. If, on the other hand, you want to be surprised, then use a neutral theme and soft unisex colors, like for example soft yellow or white.


Remember that lighting will add life to the nursery. This does not mean installing an invasive lighting that can damage the vision. This means choosing the lighting that will be pleasant to the eye and can help the child fall asleep in the night, or whenever needed. Consider also pictures with lighting, they can be fascinating!

Resting Time

And lastly, do not forget about you and your needs. What every new parent needs is a time to rest, and usually parents fall asleep when the baby is asleep as well. This means finding a good ol’ rocking chair, that you can find literally anywhere – from old models to modern ones, they are always in. And if you are into recycling, ask your grandmother if she still has her old chair. If you have the luck, there will not be a need to remodel it, but even if you have to, make sure to create a design that will match your newborn room.

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