We have established in the modern world that snoring is one of the most common sleep disorders on the planet. Not only does it affect a majority of men and women, it also leads to acute consequential issues later on. In a stress induced life, most of us cannot even think of having a calm, peaceful moment let along hours of sleep.

As adults, we also tend to cut back on sleep and keep it reserved only for the weekends. Even as we speak, most of us are finishing that presentation or paper we have to present tomorrow; thus, cutting into our sleep cycle. We cherish sleep but believe that we can live without it. While we do not want to delve into the irony of that whole wish, it is necessary to understand that lack of sleep, improper sleeping postures as well as an unhealthy lifestyle will make you pay a hefty price.

For most of us, this price is that we develop a number of sleep disorders including one of the most inconvenient and chronic ones i.e., snoring or when it is acute, what is called sleep apnea. Now, while we might wonder about what causes snoring etc., it’s also true that now that we have been diagnosed, the best thing to do is read more on the remedies.

There are both natural remedies as well as medical treatments, let’s take a look at what the differences are:

Natural Remedies

There are a number of natural remedies when it comes to snoring. But, the core difference between these and the medical treatment is the time period that it takes for the change to be implemented. This can vary anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or even a few months in case of natural remedies. If you look at what causes snoring, it’s majorly because of our unhealthy lifestyles and the improper nature of our sleep cycles. Then, what natural remedies aim to do is improve this lifestyle little by little.

Cut back on meat and dairyOften lactose intolerance as well as the problems arising from fat consumption from red meat etc. can be the reason behind inflammation or swelling of muscles and tissues inside the mouth leading to constriction of the airway.

Alcohol intake before bedAlcohol or even caffeine intake before bed can also lead to such problems as the alcohol can make the brain lose control over the signals it sends to make the body breath. Thus, this leads to shortness of breath as well as intervals where the person is simply not breathing. Avoid them at all costs.

Bad sleeping postureAlways sleeping on one’s side as well as ensuring that the neck and the head are elevated will relieve you from snoring or control it from becoming an acute sleeping disorder. Thus, all such natural remedies including intake of honey, tea or even soy milk are lifestyle changes that will take time.

Medical Treatments

When one thinks of medical treatments, one almost always thinks of pills or surgery. But, it is not so. You can simply use some of the different natural medical supplements available in the market to control snoring including effective, award-winning products such as Asonor, a product from the reputed Tanner Medico. They not only give you an immediate solution but also ensure that you never have to wonder about what causes snoring, again.

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